Which Live Streaming Site Has 45M Viewers Per Month?

Which Live Streaming Site Has 45M Viewers Per Month?

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You might not know it, but there is a single live streaming site out there boasting, on average, around 45 million viewers per month. You have most likely heard the name, or seen them on some chart or other. They have shown up in some articles here at ReelSEO and are involved in an industry that I used to work in. Who is it you ask?

What industry has a massive following of rabid fans that consume billions of minutes of live streaming video per month? The same one that is worth around $86B, video games. The site in question, Twitch. Here are some amazeball stats from them.

How Big is Twitch?

If you combine WWE, Ustream, MLB.com, ESPN and Justin TV…they fall just short of the 43.6% of all live streaming volume that Twitch does. They are so far ahead that even with the new WWE online offering, they could not hope to catch them. Twitch has a 25% lead on the WWE and a 33% lead on Ustream.

Live streaming top 10

In fact, Twitch does so much streaming that they are top 5 entertainment in multiple countries, including some of the most active online communities in the world.

twitch international viewing

Around 71M people watched some form of competitive video games online last year. Given that Twitch averages around 45M viewers a month, you know where they go to get their fragalicious fix.

They are a dedicated bunch as well with 58% of of them on the site for more than 20 hours per week.twitch viewer platform

Twitch averages about 12B minutes viewed per month. It comes down to about 106 minutes per day, per viewer. A good portion of the viewers do so through browsers.

Chrome is the number one viewing platform with over two-thirds using it. Firefox came in a distant second and others included the iPad, Safari and Android devices. How are they delivering so much live streaming video to so many?

In early 2014 Twitch moved its delivery infrastructure to HTTP Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR), primarily HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) technology, from the proprietary RTMP it used until that time.

All of this was used to illustrate how Qwilt operator network caching could positively impact video streaming across the board. Personally, I think it just goes to show the amazing fanaticism of the video game community and how well Twitch did at building out its own infrastructure. Given that in June 2011 it was spun off from Justin.tv because it was so popular, its continued growth and success show what can be done with just $43M in venture capital. Give or take a few million. If you look at how they have monetized that content over time it, too, is impressive. They went from having ad sales handled by Future US to CBS Interactive to an in-house ad sales team, Twitch Media Group.


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