How One Twitch Channel Boosted Video Views By 380% in a Day

How One Twitch Channel Boosted Video Views By 380% in a Day

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On Monday August 25th the maddentips channel on Twitch had 162,402 views. On Tuesday August 26th, it had 784,969 views. So how exactly did we increase our view count by 380% in one day?

At Reel Gamer, we help gamers build and grow their Twitch and YouTube Channels, and in this article I’m going to explain what lead to the 622,566 boost in views – in just one day!. It wasn’t by accident and it wasn’t luck. I didn’t say things like “I’m just going to stream and hopefully people will show up”, or “I’ll just keep doing the same thing and eventually things will change”, or “I do this for the love of gaming and not for the viewers or followers”. We had a clear strategy, which resulted in such a boost in numbers:


How We Boosted Views on Twitch by 380% Overnight

To boost our view count we created a “newsworthy” event that matched the release date of EA SPORTS Madden 15. The timing of this event allowed for conversation and excitement to build to the point where we were able to reach out to influencers to share our story. When it came time for our event to go live we packaged together helpful information, entertainment & giveaways to help spread our message even further through our audience.

Key Takeaways:

  • Created content around an event
  • Timed upload to coincide with event
  • Reached out to industry influencers
  • Fully prepared when content went live
  • Generated further audience engagement during event

ea madden nfl 15

Why Creating an Event is Vital For Growing Your Twitch Channel

An event creates buzz larger than your channel. It has more legs to make a bigger impact in your community. It creates news and makes people not only want to talk about it with others but it makes them want to be apart of it as well.

The event we created was a 15 hour live stream the day before Madden 15 officially launched to the public. During this event we would answer hundreds of questions, giveaway tons of free stuff and provide an exclusive first look at the game for hundreds of thousands of eager gamers waiting to get their paws on the new game.

To keep everything in line we of course had to do a lot of planning. Getting graphics made, to lining up in studio guests, we had to spend time prior to the event to get everything in order for when we went live. You don’t need to plan an event for your channel every day but you should work towards scheduling out a few for your channel throughout the calendar year.

twitchKey Takeaway: Creating an Event allows for an influx of new viewers to your channel. It’s the starting point for you to see a big boost in your streams viewers.

Time Isn’t On Your Side: The Importance of Game Release Dates

The truth is that you only have a few specific days to hit BIG numbers outside the NORM for your channel. Why is that? Because the event you plan should coincide with the launch date of the games you play.

We have been fortunate to have early access to review copies which allowed us to schedule our event a day before launch day which created an “exclusive” feel to our event. If you can’t get the early review copy, don’t worry, you will do just fine streaming your event on launch day.

What you should focus on is creating events around all the key release days for the games you play. This will not only help you with generating boosts in views but it will put you on a schedule that will help you plan for the event down the road.

twitchKey Takeaway: Look up the release dates of the games you stream and plan events around those dates.

How to Easily Connect with Key Influencers: Pay it Forward

Have you ever had trouble reaching out to someone important? Did you tweet them and ask for a retweet? Did you email them? Did all your efforts fail and leave you feeling terrible about yourself? Well there is a way you can get key influencers in your community to listen to what you have to say as well as help share your message.

You have to pay it forward.

Consider what value are you providing to these influencers lives? What are you doing to get them to notice you? We like to find how we can improve the lives of the people we’re reaching out to. What value can we provide to this person? How can we make their life easier?

For example, for the Madden 15 event, we spent the majority of our time helping others improve their skill level at Madden 15. We answered emails, created videos & spent time communicating with people having problems in the game. Doing this over an extended period, gives us the ability to “throw a right hook” (h/t garyvee) when we need to promote something.

The people that we have been helping will gladly help share the message, so long as we have helped them previously. This isn’t something that’s phony or faked. You have to genuinely care about helping others with the problems they have.

twitchKey Takeaway: Before reaching out to influencers, ask yourself what are you doing to add value to the lives of the people around you? Are you genuinely trying to make their life/job easier?

Live Events Are Where All the Cool Kids Are (Seriously)

Think about the last time you watched something that was live. How many people did you tell about it during and then afterwards? Live events make us want to share. We do this because we want to feel “cool”. Seriously. It’s like going back to high school where we all wanted to fit in.

Live events make people feel “in the know” and when people feel “in the know” they share information. Especially when that information is something that shares their opinions (we looked this up, its basically science!).

This is one of the main reasons we think Twitch has such a huge opportunity for those looking to get in. The main function of the platform is about being live and being live not only creates natural virality, but also allows for an emotional connection with the viewer that other video platforms can’t provide.


TweetNumbersWe all have short attention spans and being live on Twitch allows us to capitalize on this. We’re able to instantly get hundreds of retweets to our channel by simply “asking” the current viewers to share the stream.

The power of being live is not only the most important aspect about Twitch, it’s also the most underrated.

twitchKey Takeaway: During your live event it’s super important to ask for what your end goal is. If you want more followers, ask for them. If you want to push a product, ask them to visit the page etc.

How to Turn Your Audience Into Raving Fans

Just like with your key influencers you want to view your audience in way that allows you to, pay it forward with them. What value are you providing to them that will make them raving fans? How are you going to make sure they keep coming back to watch you play? You can do this, so long as you are providing them helpful information, entertainment or exclusivity.

Providing helpful information would be something along the lines of providing gameplay walkthroughs, answering FAQ’s, sharing helpful tips & strategies. When you’re providing information you want to do so with your audience in mind. You’re an expert at the games you play, but you have to remember that most of your audience will be more of the “beginner” type player. Keep your helpful information simple and not to complicated.

You can also be entertaining to your audience. For our 15 hour live stream event we made sure that we had a constant flow of in studio guests that help keep things fresh. 15 hours is a long time and it’s difficult to keep energy levels where they need to be. We also created 10 Ways to Boost Chat Activity that has helped us keep our fans involved with the stream but also with each other during our streams.

The last way you can provide value to your audience is by being exclusive. What can you provide that no one else can? Give that to your audience. For example, we were able to stream Madden 15 live to our audience, one day prior to its launch. This meant that we were providing a service to our audience that they weren’t going to be able to find anywhere else.

Now you don’t have to get games early to be exclusive. When you choose to go live look around at what others in your community are streaming and look to provide something different. Again as yourself, “what can I provide that no one else can”. When you look to provide helpful information, entertain & share exclusive content to your audience you will create a raving fan base for your home on Twitch.

twitchKey Takeaway: Your Twitch channel is, and will never will be about you. Your Twitch channel is about your audience. Make that your #1 priority and you will see growth in your channel.

How Will YOU Boost Your Video Views on Twitch?

How will you go about setting up your next live event on Twitch? What key influencers will you reach out to? How will you make your audience the focal point of your stream? Let us know in the comments below.


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