– Replacing Your Television Schedule? Doubtful for Now – Replacing Your Television Schedule? Doubtful for Now

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Tvissimo’s tagline is ‘demote the remote.’ Though I’m not exactly sure how much this service would really replace the remote for most people.  Sure it’s a handy service in regards to television schedules for your local area, when it works properly.

First off, the signup process is cumbersome. As soon as you put your Zip Code into the form (which you must) it will attempt to go retrieve information about your area. It’s all Javascript and AJAX and just doesn’t always work so well. For example the ‘Getting data, please wait…’ box shows up and never goes away. That basically deactivates all the buttons and pretty much ends any chance of signing up. This happened to me in Firefox 3 but not in Google Chrome and it just loaded very slowly in IE6. Once you manage to get signed up you can use the service for a variety of things all of which are about searching for and finding TV shows.

If you’re like me you check out everything a site has to offer. The funniest part of the whole site is the Intro video (shown below). They have these terrible voice-overs about how hard it is to track your favorite shows. They say things like “cable and satellite listings are so slow to scroll” and “I can’t plan ahead” as if there’s no search capabilities in them (which there are from my personal experience). They also talk about printed television schedules and how you “need a television channels chart just to figure them out.”

The video continues on to say you can find you favorite shows with ‘just one click’ so I went to put that to the test. Of course I didn’t want to make it easy, so I took a show that I wrote about previously and wanted to see if it could find online called “Wormtooth Nation” (available at What I actually found was a complete lack of a way to search online video separately. So I tried a few other things – Stargate (no online videos), CSI (15 pages of online video results), Heroes (4 pages of results, not all the actual NBC show Heroes).

Another thing I didn’t like was at times I would enter my keyword into the search box and hit enter and it would take me to the home page or try to make me add the site to some social bookmarking sites. A second search for ‘heroes’ showed me seven TV results and no online results which I thought was odd, so I ran it again and again there were no results. Similarly, a search for ‘Naruto,’ ‘One Piece,’ and even MASH gave no results. Each of these searches in Google Video shows hundreds of results mind you.

What I eventually decided was that if I actually used cable or satellite television now, this is the last place I would go to try to find my favorite TV shows. I would just use the channel guide that they supply as it works and gives consistent results. After further investigation of the site I had the feeling that they were trying to sell me something and the channel guide was a way to do that. I’m just not sure what the product was that they were trying to sell me. I never managed to experience the ‘one click’ experience they put forth in their intro video. In the end Tvissimo just left a very bad taste in my mouth and made me feel that I had just wasted a good portion of an hour.

Opinions expressed in the article are those of the author, and not necessarily ReelSEO.  ;-)


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