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turn here logo Custom Video Production with Professional Voiceover for SMBs   New from TurnHereWith more than 8000 independent filmmakers, and an online video offering perfectly catered for SMBs, Turnhere has successfully formed partnerships with many high-volume sales channel partners and publishers like Yellowpages.com, Superpages and Citysearch.  In fact, business has been so good according to their COO, John McWeeny, that they decided to “productize” their video offering and lower the barrier so that others that may not typically qualify for a full-fledged partnership, might begin to offer and monetize the TurnHere video services.

Because TurnHere has become known so well known and because online video in general has experienced increased awareness (I’d like to think we are a part of that ;-), TurnHere has received increased demand from smaller publishers, verticals, industry associations, and other companies who work directly with SMBs.

The Benefit for Affiliates Beyond Revenue

Through their new program, these new affiliates will be able to refer customers to an customized, co-branded website to order video online.  In addition to being able to monetize online video services via a rev share, these affiliates will now be able to offer video services to customers where they may not have previously had the capability.  This new ability may be a strong selling point that allows these affiliates to extend their own customer base.

“In this economic climate, small businesses need ways to affordably reach customers looking for their services. The personal engagement created by video has proven to be very effective at driving new business to local vendors,” said Bud Rosenthal, CEO of TurnHere.  “This new affiliate program is a seamless way for sites and publishers to offer high value video services to their clients, while creating a new revenue stream and compelling content for their users along the way.”

How the Affiliate Program Works

Once an affiliate customer purchases video services via the co-branded page, TurnHere then handles the sale, production, fulfillment, billing, deployment, hosting, and distribution for the video.  Affiliates are then awarded a referral fee/rev share for each completed video project.  Additionally, Turnhere provides all the necessary “collateral” for the affiliate.  The affiliate video package starts at $899 and includes:

  • 60-second custom produced video
  • 1 year of hosting for the video
  • Video embed code for advertiser to use on their own website
  • Placement and distribution of the video to sites like YouTube, Yahoo Video, Myspace and Google Local

Affiliate Program Preview

Turnhere bed and breakfast affiliate pageThe program is technically still in Beta, but TurnHere has already begun accepting requests to join the affiliate preview and has launched the program with a few partners, including specialty travel website BedandBreakfast.com and wedding vendor directory WeddingBook.com.

BedandBreakfast.com aims to provide richer advertising content in the B&B space and provide B&B members the ability to compete with larger lodging establishments through offering professional video profiles.

“We are delighted to help all properties nationwide to use video to promote their businesses, and TurnHere combines both affordability with quality professional work,” commented Eric Goldreyer, CEO of BedandBreakfast.com. “TurnHere’s solution costs under $1000 from start to finish and the innkeeper retains full unrestricted ownership of the video.”

Open to Suggestions Moving Forward

When I spoke with their COO, John McWeeny, I asked a few questions about the program that I felt others would likely be asking as this continues to roll out more widely.

For example, What if an affiliate, for example a small publisher, were to refer another affiliate to the turnhere affiliate program?  Was there a model in place that would allow the affiliate that refers a new partner to receive a referral fee?   John stated that while currently such a model had not been built out, they would continue to refine and build out the affiliate program with affiliates.  Additionally, John mentioned that they would be open to suggestions from such partners assuming that such enhancements to the program make sense for the organization and to the program as a whole.

I mentioned that I thought the co-branded affiliate landing page was a bit more biased towards Turnhere, with the logo on the left and prominent TurnHere mention throughout the copy.  My suggestion would be to allow affiliates to place their logo at the left due to the fact that they page was already quite obviously co-branded.  John had several good points with regard to this.  First, private label partnerships are currently reserved for larger partnerships.  Second, many of the would-be affiliates are not necessarily online video industry experts.  The advantage of being able to offer TurnHere services to affiliate customers is that these affiliates can now offer an industry-leading solution, of which TurnHere has spend resources and effort building this expertise, brand, and awareness.  Lastly, it is important for affiliate customers to understand that they will be working directly with TurnHere, again, from producing the video through deployment and customer service.

They are working on several enhancements to the program including the addition of features for affiliate partners to login, view stats, etc…  All that being said, the main point that John was conveying is that TurnHere is open to suggestions and their desire is to build out a cooperative program that is a win-win for all.

Congrats to TurnHere, their filmmakers,  and prospective affiliates.

If you are at all interested in becoming a TurnHere affiliate, you can send an email to them at [email protected]


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