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ReelSEO – The Next Generation: Hello Tubular Insights!

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ReelSEO is nine years old this year, which makes it kind of an elder statesman when it comes to online marketing resources. But if you think nine years is a long time in the real world, it’s the equivalent of a couple of generations on the Internet. Online, things evolve rapidly to keep up with our knowledge and expectations – and ReelSEO is no exception.

Regular readers will know that we were acquired by video intelligence company Tubular Labs in January 2015. Tubular’s software provides essential insights to brands and creators, to enable them to grow more valuable video audiences.  Together we share a mission to empower video creators and marketers with actionable insights. As part of the Tubular family, ReelSEO has continued to share tips, tricks, case studies, and strategy insights to our readership, both using Tubular data, but also by providing independent thought-leadership. We will continue to do this under a new name.  We’re excited to announce that as of today, ReelSEO will rebrand to Tubular Insights! It’s a soft-launch, so we’re taking it step-by-step, but expect to see some big changes to the site over the coming months.

Why ReelSEO is Rebranding to Tubular Insights

For the best part of a decade, our aim at ReelSEO has been to help, as our founder Mark Robertson has always said, to ‘move online video forward – fast!’ Our mission always was, and still is – to help publishers, creators, and marketers get a head-start on what worked, and what didn’t. More than 350,000 unique readers visit the site each month to learn about best practices for online video marketing. But, times are changing, and so are we.

Online video marketing has grown way beyond the niche discipline it was. Now, video has become a primary means of communication between brands and consumers, with video content predicted to account for 70% of mobile traffic by 2021. We want to make sure we reflect all aspects of video marketing, such as influencer, that live outside the confines of SEO.  

Tubular empowers media companies, brands, and all video creators to make better decisions about how to grow audiences and drive revenue through data informed content creation and distribution.  Our Tubular Insights content will support those efforts.  Our core values remain unchanged, and we will still continue to create objective content. That said, it now makes sense for ReelSEO to rebrand officially as part of Tubular.

What To Expect From Tubular Insights

ReelSEO has been the leading industry resource for online video strategy, and under Tubular Insights, we will continue the objective and thought-leadership style writing that we’ve always been known for. We’ll still cover the topics that the industry is talking about, as well as offer original and valuable content regarding digital video strategy.

But of course, with access to Tubular data, which benchmarks the reach and engagement of the world’s videos, creators, brands and categories, we can offer even extra to brands and creators via Tubular Insights, such as:

  • State of the Industry White Papers
  • Webinars
  • Case Studies
  • In-depth Analysis of industry and content trends
  • Infographics
  • More Cross-platform video rankings
  • Snackable social content
  • Excel & PowerPoint templates to help with executive reporting
  • Videos

SEO is….Dead?

Mark Robertson started ReelSEO, primarily as a way of educating himself about how to optimize this new thing called ‘online video’. Sure, some brands and creators were posting to YouTube, and other sites, way back in the day, but search engine optimization for video content was almost unheard of.

Now, Mark, myself, and a huge number of contributors to ReelSEO have a solid background in SEO and Internet marketing, and that knowledge has underpinned many of our most popular articles. However, digital video marketing in 2016 involves so much more than SEO – there’s the whole search vs discovery factor for a start – and social video, and influencer marketing are also playing a huge part in the creation, publication, and distribution of video content. We want to make sure Tubular Insights reflects that. We first considered rebranding the site as far back as 2011 to address the SEO part of our name, but for various reasons (ironically, most of them SEO-related) we held off. Now the time is right to make that move.

Rebranding our site from ReelSEO to Tubular Insights is only part of the transition. Our social media accounts, and weekly and daily newsletter, will also be updated to reflect the new name. We’re hoping for a smooth a transition as possible, but please bear with us while we work on the behind-the-scenes technical stuff. ReelSEO has been a major industry brand for nearly 10 years, and our reach extends far and wide online, so you’ll still see references to that name all over the place.

Finally, we’d love to say a big thank you to all our readers who have helped build ReelSEO into the industry’s main resource for online video best practice. We will continue to be your go-to resource, and we look forward to your feedback as we evolve.  We’ve built up an incredible community around the site, and we hope to bring you another decade of invaluable resources around online video via Tubular Insights.


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