Attn Brands: Discover a GoldMine of 2M+ Video Creators via Tubular Creator Profiles

Attn Brands: Discover a GoldMine of 2M+ Video Creators via Tubular Creator Profiles

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In less than a decade, YouTube (happy 10th Birthday), and other platforms like Vine, Facebook, and Instagram have completely revolutionized the way we produce, distribute, and consume online video. This, along with the proliferation and accessibility of digital cameras has resulted in MILLIONs of video content creators.

Brand marketers are also telling their stories with online video but many have realized the inescapable power of earned media.  Now, more than ever, brands are embracing strategies to gain a greater share-of-voice through finding ways to engage with influential creators and offer compelling, innovative, and meaningful content that resonates. But, with millions of creators engaging unique audiences across multiple platforms, marketers must be able to quickly discover, segment, and properly evaluate creators, influencers, and audiences that are most relevant.

Tubular Creator Profiles & Leaderboards

tubular-profiles2Today, Tubular Labs (our parent company) officially launched Creator Profiles to the public – “the most comprehensive database of 2 million video creators.” With Creator Profiles, brand marketers can now easily discover, connect and collaborate with some of the most influential content creators. In turn, creators will be able to tap into, and connect with 20,000 of the biggest brands pioneering digital video today, to team up on sponsorship, or creative projects.

According to Rishi Khaitan, Head of Product for Tubular Labs:

“Finding the right creator to tell your brand’s story is critical to earning real ROI from a video influencer campaign. With at-a-glance qualitative and quantitative summaries for over 2M creators, Creator Profiles helps marketers quickly identify and even contact creators who are the best fit for their campaign’s goals”.

Discover 2M+ Video Creators Worldwide

Some of the most successful channels on YouTube, Vine, Facebook and other video platforms – belong to users/creators, and not brands. Those channels have built up an incredibly engaged and active subscriber base from the ground-up and produce content that attracts large, engaged audiences. Many of these user channels far outperform owned brand channels in all manner of metrics, and so they’re a goldmine in terms of building visibility for a product or service.

Brands can use Creator Profiles to tap into the power of these influencers across platforms to determine which channels would be the very best fit for them.You’ll find unique statistics on each creator including their total social follower reach, as well as their monthly video viewership across all significant video platforms – Facebook, Vine, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

Leaderboards and Top 10 Lists

You’ll also be able to find the top 10 Influencers in a huge number of categories, using the new ‘Leaderboards’ feature. For instance, you’re a Yoga clothing retailer, looking to team up with an Influencer who can help promote your new range to their audience. Using the Leaderboard feature, you can search the Yoga Influencers category to find a creator who best fits your criteria.

Alternatively, if you have a specific creator in mind, you can view that creator’s ‘leaderboard’ rankings directly on their profile page to see just how influential they may be for relevant topics, across all platforms.  Furthermore, if you’re an enterprise customer, you can dive deeper into the engaged audience demographics for that creator.

Example: Creator Profile for Bethany Mota’s

Exclusive Cross-platform 'Creator Profile' of Bethany Mota. Data courtesy of Tubular Labs.
Exclusive Cross-platform ‘Creator Profile’ of Bethany Mota. Data courtesy of Tubular Labs.

Let’s take one of the most influential beauty gurus on YouTube, Vine, Facebook, and Instagram – the amazing Bethany Mota.  Bethany Mota’s Creator Profile gives potential collaborators an insight into her social reach, which video platforms she’s active on (and doing well on), monthly video views, and 90-day growth charts for views and subscriber growth. Brands or fellow creators who want to connect with Bethany can do so by clicking on the ‘Contact’ button. Tubular’s relationship with over 20 MCNs, including Fullscreen, and thousands of creators, means they can forward the message to the creator or their MCN once it has been fully screened (sorry spammers).

A scroll down the page shows her latest uploads and performance on YouTube, Vine, Facebook, and Instagram, as well as her ranking in top 10 Leaderboards (for instance, Bethany ranks #2 for ‘Fourth of July’, and #3 in ‘General Home’). The Creator Profile also confirms the last 90 days growth in views, and subscribers, as well as some unique audience insights.

Owned Brand Channel Profiles:

brand-profilesOf course, it works both ways, and creators looking to team up with brands, or other creators on endorsement projects can search through the unique database of 20,000 brands. Creators who think they would be a good fit with a brand, or who want to reach out to other creators on YouTube, Vine, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram Video can also use the contact form to introduce themselves and their work.

Case-Study: How it’s Working For Eyes Lips Face (e.l.f.)

tubular creator profiles e.l.f. cosmeticsThere are a number of high-profile brands using the new platform including e.l.f. Cosmetics who have identified influencers closely aligned with their brand, and sent them free product samples. Gayitri Budhraja, Director of Marketing at e.l.f. Cosmetics confirmed that “Tubular empowers our social media team and helps us drive earned media through video influencer campaigns. We’ve already seen a direct return”.

On average, a significant number – around 80% of a brand’s online video content is user-generated content uploaded to the main video platforms by fans and influencers, that’s whether the brand has any involvement or not! In the last 90 days, over 11K fan videos containing references to e.l.f. products were posted, and these videos generated over 27 million views for the brand.  Valuing these views at $.10 per view, the total earned media value of the e.l.f. fan content uploaded in the last 90 days is approximately $2.7 million.

Rob Gabel, Founder and CEO of Tubular

“When brands and media companies partner with influencers who have an affinity for the brand, and create an authentic partnership, the audience sees it and connects with the brands”.

The Creator Profile pages are open to all via  If you’d like to dive deeper and search and filter creators based on keyword, topic, geography, audience demographics, or growth rate, you’ll need a Tubular account.

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Creator Profiles are kept up-to-date using Tubular’s patented video intelligence technology that analyzes the creators, content and conversations of 1 billion videos across 34+ video platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Vine, Instagram, Vimeo, AOL, Yahoo, and Dailymotion. Tubular enterprise customers include Comedy Central, Pepsi, Digitas, HGTV, Activision, e.l.f. Cosmetics and many others.


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