New TubeMogul and TrialPay Deal Brings Real-time Bidding to Social Video Ads in Games

New TubeMogul and TrialPay Deal Brings Real-time Bidding to Social Video Ads in Games

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Ah yes, my friends, another cross-coverage story for me and with some of my favorite people, TubeMogul. OK, so I haven’t actually met anyone from TubeMogul, but I like their products. Now, they’re expanding the options available to their customers in a somewhat unique way, real-time bidding for social gamer eyeballs and attention spans.

There’s big money in social gaming in case you didn’t know, Zynga for example had an IPO of around $1 Billion and a new report just stated that non-physical retail sales for video games were around $2.2 billion for just Q4 2011, of which social game virtual currency and item purchases are part of. Zynga, by the way, managed to beat expectations as many Wall Streeters expected it to flop and drop to under $7 a share but today it’s $13.76 though it did tumble at one point to just under $8 since it’s debut.

I guess what that did was showed the social gaming was here to stay and there’s money to be made, because investors believe it. Now too does TubeMogul apparently as they signed a deal with TrialPay to put video ads in social games and now they’ve got a private exchange that allows brand advertisers buy audiences across hundreds of games.

According to the companies:

In the private beta, the ads performed strongly, even stacking up well against in-stream units… Overall, the new in-game Facebook placements lifted awareness and purchase metrics across the board, with especially pronounced results for message association and brand favorability.

Some of the video ads are incentivized and offer things like increased game privileges or Facebook Credits.

The platform is said to give advertisers insight into what they’re buying as well as offer targeting capabilities and analytics for campaign performance. A variety of ad formats are available as well.


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