TubeMogul Reports Many Video Viewers Can’t Stand Pre-Roll

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Ever wonder how many people wait through pre-roll advertisements vs. abandoning the video altogether?  TubeMogul took it upon themselves to see just how many people are watching those coveted and lucrative spots and you might be surprised by their findings.

Many ad networks probably track this exact statistic but don’t want anyone to know exactly what the numbers are as they could impact business revenues. Meanwhile, TubeMogul spent 48 hours collecting data and then compiled it for us. For 1,797,560 video streams they tracked how many viewers clicked away before a 10-30 second pre-roll ad finish. Their findings?

Almost a full 16% of viewers split before the pre-roll rolls through. They’d rather go hunt down somewhere else it seems than sit through that pre-roll. Or they feel their time is too valuable and the actual content is not so waiting another 10-30 seconds just isn’t worth it. When the content was coming from magazines and newspapers the pre-roll-pre-clickers spiked up to almost 25%!

It seems that they certainly aren’t expecting anything in the videos there that they can’t get elsewhere or just aren’t putting enough stock in the content itself. TubeMogul did their research only on short-form video, longer than three but shorter than 10 minutes and did not do full-length TV episodes. They say that the ads were served by a range of top ad networks, including AdTech (US), BBE, Google and Tremor Media.

TubeMogul’s Results Summarized

Some key data points:

  • Overall, 15.89% of viewers click away from a video rather than sit through a pre-roll ad.
  • The trend is far more pronounced with top magazines and newspapers, where 24.85% of viewers click away.
  • For large broadcasters, only 10.9% of viewers click away during an ad.

This could certainly show that a banner ad on a video page could have better visibility and it also shows that runing pre-roll ads might cut down on the number of people actually watching both them and your content. A potential blow to the online ad industry to say the least considering the number of positive reports that have come out lately touting the power of pre-roll.


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