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Illumenix is an in-depth online video metrics and analytics service. They offer a wide range of services including syndication tracking, player tracking and Flash Video Analytics via their StreamLighter service which integrates into Flash video players. StreamLighter tracks viewing habits as well as video interactions and demographics.

TubeMogul is an online video analytics and distribution company. They aggregate viewing information from over 20 sites including Google Video, MetaCafe, YouTube, Blip.TV and more. Find the whole list here. They can also aggregate video viewing information from videos you host on your own site via their InPlay service. When a video is distributed to video sharing sites TubeMogul tracks views, comments, ratings and demographics.

Illumenix extends the TubeMogul services offering by giving them Flash player interaction metrics and analytics. The Illumenix service is able to track viewer engagement, including how much of a video is actually watched, what the most popular segments of a video are, when a viewer clicks away and much more.

TubeMogul boasts over 40,000 current users including content publishers like CBS and video bloggers. They track hundreds of millions of streams per month including Revision3, eBaum’s World and more.

How does it benefit you?

By partnering with TubeMogul and Illumenix, a video sharing site gains a vital service that they can provide their publishers in the form of valuable information and metrics about their videos. By becoming a customer, one would also gain that valuable information as well as a central location to distribute and track videos online.

Whether you are only posting videos to your personal site or distributing them to video sharing sites, there’s a package available for you at TubeMogul. The addition of Illumenix is a definite advantage for them as they can now supply in-depth metrics for any Flash-based video playing site, including yours. Of course they need to make money from doing all of this for you so there’s a price to pay.

If you’ve just posting up to 150 videos a month to video sharing sites you can get a Personal account which is free of charge. However anything more will cost you, but also gets you a wider variety of features. Business accounts are allotted 500 videos a month while Platinum accounts get 2500.

If you’re just posting videos to your own site and want to track them then you’ll be interested in the InPlay service which allows you up to 2500 videos per month and the full gamut of tracking features.

Here is a quick list of some of the more interesting features (personal, business, platinum, InPlay where applicable):

  • Custom Video Groupings (5, 25, 50, 100)
  • Basic data export (30 days, unlimited)
  • Multi-campaign tracking (n/a, 3, 20, 20)
  • Uploads up to 100MB
  • Comment Manager
  • Producer Tracking
  • Priority, recall, scheduling of videos
  • Viewership demographics (platinum and InPlay)

Pricing was not readily available for the pay packages and I tried to contact them for some idea of the pricing structure – so far, no response.

If you’ve been searching for a video metrics package for distributed videos this is definitely a service worth looking into. However, if you are looking for simple video metrics for your personal or business site you might be able to glean much of the data from other possibly freely available metrics packages or by utilizing the recently announced way to track video interaction with Google Analytics.

Overall the Illumenix acquisition by TubeMogul seems a smart move. It allows them to expand their services and gives perhaps the first one-stop solution for both video sharing and private site video metrics. Depending on the prices of the packages and your exact needs it could prove a quick and effective ROI in regards to advertising or product sales.


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