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YouTube Google+ Tips, Linking AdWords, and Flatlined Channel Solutions

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In this week’s TubeTalk podcast, we talk about how to use Google+ on YouTube, how to link your YouTube channel to AdWords to promote videos, and how to ignite growth when your channel flatlines. Enjoy!



Tip #1: How to Use Google+ on YouTube

Matt Ballek describes how with the Google+ integration, YouTube channels now have more features when commenting and sharing videos: You can tag people, add hashtags, add links, and can write much longer comments. And with your Top Fans community, you get a daily-updated list of people who are engaging with your content. You can create custom Google+ groupings. So if you’re a brand you can create circles for customers, leads, prospects, partners and more. Then when you comment, you can target folks only in specified circles.

For channels with more than 1,000 subscribers, Top Fans can be found at

Tip #2: How to Link Your YouTube Channel to AdWords to Promote Videos

Dane Golden says that TrueView, YouTube’s version of AdWords, can be useful for channel building – not for faking your view numbers, but for finding authentic subscribers. But how do you connect your YouTube account to AdWords?

You can either manage your campaigns from your own AdWords account or have them managed by a third party. The way you link them up is by going to Video Manager -> Channel Settings -> Advanced. Then click on “Link an AdWords account” and paste the Customer ID into the box. You get this Customer ID (or possibly a Manager ID if your campaign will be managed by a third party) by logging in to your AdWords account. It has 10 digits and looks sort of like a phone number. Click Next.

Then you give this account a reference name and set permissions. These permissions can potentially allow the AdWords account to look at the stats behind view counts, call to action, remarketing and engagement. This is so the campaign manager can track the success of the campaigns (they don’t get full access to all channel analytics). Click Finish.

Importantly, you the channel owner can revoke these permissions at any time if you no longer wish the third party to see future campaign analytics.

Tip #3: How To Ignite Growth when your Channel Flatlines

Tim Schmoyer says that when any YouTube channel flatlines, there are a couple of points to consider that might help. The first is understand your motivation with doing the channel. It should always be more about giving value to the user rather than just getting them to do something for you. This can and does turn the audience off.

Also, if your channel has flatlined for a long time by doing the same thing, try something different. A different style, a new approach, a different perspective, or a complete overhaul. Particularly if you’re still small – you still have room to experiment and have less to lose.

Wrap Up

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