Truveo Video Search – Detailed Overview and History

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Truveo was founded in 2004. In the latter half of the year 2005, Truveo launched its commercial video search service, which was immediately recognized for significantly improving the quality of video searches as compared to the traditional search engines. It is based on a unique technology for indexing video using the visual distinctiveness of web pages; the Truveo search engine can find such videos on the Web that all other search engines miss. In the January, 2006, Truveo was acquired by AOL and at present it operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of AOL, LLC.

Truveo is one of the biggest video search engines on the net. This is the search engine that controls many of the net’s most popular video sites. They effectively control video searches for AOL, Microsoft Corporation, CNET’s, Brightcove, Qwest, Kosmix, CSTV, Infospace, Excite, and hundreds of other sites currently. Truveo serves an audience of over 40 million users every month. The Truveo video search engine is recognized as wide-ranging and up-to-date video search service available on the net.

In the year 2006, Truveo unlocked its search engine to the online video community through a wide-ranging and novel set of developer tools. At present, hundreds of producers use Truveo to make their videos searchable by the millions of users across the Truveo network. It competes effectively with video search sites such as Google Video, Yahoo Video, and

The Truveo engine finds new content on the net very quickly and efficiently, at the same time, pushes it to the top of its search results. It always tries to give preference to the legitimate stuff. Truveo offers you mostly the videos allowed by copyright owners, not pirated clips. Unauthorized clips present on the YouTube and elsewhere are in the results, but they’re not prominently shown. There’s video all over the Net, and Truveo finds a lot of it at small and large sites. Sometimes Truveo embeds the video in its own page. If it is not posted there, you have to click one more time to get to the site with the video.

Various tabs present across the top of the page in the site allows you to browse News, Sports, Music, and other relevant topics; there’s a tab specifically meant for TV Shows. Truveo divides the search results into different search categories. This facility is a bit confusing; sometimes videos show up in more than one subsection. The aim of Truveo search engine is to guide you quickly to stuff you’re interested in and might otherwise not know. It is really commendable. Moreover the facility for reporting of obscene links make it nearer to the heart of the users and believe me Truveo people really care for your reports.


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