TrueView Video Ad Campaign Reports Coming to Google Analytics

TrueView Video Ad Campaign Reports Coming to Google Analytics

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Unless your marketing department has an unlimited budget or little expectation of a return on investment, the ability to track the effectiveness of a video advertising campaign is vital. Google just made that a little easier with the introduction of a new ‘Video Campaigns’ report in Google Analytics for TrueView ads. Within the next few days, analysts will gain access to new data regarding views and clicks and will be able to slice and dice available conversion metrics. Google has confirmed that the reports can be segmented by video or by ad content.

In a nod to the fact that video campaigns often lead to an indirect traffic uplift to a website, Google is implementing a Google Display Network Impression Report which will give an insight into the conversions gained from “unclicked impressions or video views.” When the need to prove ROI is paramount, the ability to understand how TrueView ads indirectly convert will be a welcome tool for advertisers.

Google say the new reporting system will be available to those with active Google Analytics accounts within the next few days. Users can access it via Acquisition > AdWords > Video Campaigns. Data will show around 24 hours after a TueView ad has been auto-tagged in Adwords, and that Adwords account has been linked to a Google Analytics account.

Jon Mesh, Google Analytics Product Manager, confirmed in a blog post today that:

This report has the familiar look and feel of the other AdWords reports but includes TrueView-specific metrics like Paid Views, Cost Per View, and Website Clicks. There are also new metric groups like Engagement, which helps you understand how users engage with your video and your website.

Google also supplied a few screenshots to illustrate the new analytics reporting structure, including the overview report;

trueview video campaigns google analytics

and the assisted conversion screen.

trueview video campaigns google analytics online video assisted conversions


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