How YouTube TrueView Affects Brands and TV Advertising [Creator’s Tip #86]

How YouTube TrueView Affects Brands and TV Advertising [Creator’s Tip #86]

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Brands definitely want to find the most cost-effective way to advertise, and the beauty of YouTube’s TrueView ads is that you only pay when someone watches the ad, and you get a ton of metrics that tell you whether or not people are reacting favorably to it.  The Interactive Advertising Bureau did a study called A Comprehensive Picture of Digital Video and Advertising that explained why a nice tandem of online video and TV advertising lead to better brand recall and all those great things advertisers look for in ad engagement.

Running TrueView Ads for Future TV Placement, And Why the Order Matters

So what did the report find?  Well the “no surprise” of the report is that online video provides increased reach and cheaper cost.

But a much cooler finding is that brands are using YouTube’s TrueView ads to test future TV Spots.  If you’ve got several ideas, run a couple to see which ones work best first, and whatever works best hits TV.

Also, running an ad online and on TV is much more effective than running one or the other by themselves.  Brand affections like likeability and message recall are higher when running in tandem, and the order makes a difference.  Those who saw the ad online first and then on TV had higher engagement.

How effective is this information for you?  Let us know in the comments down below or comment on the video itself.


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