Tribeca Film Festival Chooses Innovative Vine Winners

Tribeca Film Festival Chooses Innovative Vine Winners

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The 2013 Tribeca Film Festival has announced the winners of its brand new #6SECFILMS Vine competition, choosing the selection from over 400 entries and 40 shortlisted contenders. By challenging filmmakers to create innovative pieces of video/shop motion animation in just 6 seconds, the festival drew some amazing and creative talent and showed that original and thought provoking content was capable of being produced no matter what the technological restrictions imposed upon it. The festival wanted to incorporate the talents of those experimenting with the new app, confirming that:

When the Vine app launched in January, we got excited about it immediately. The mobile app that lets anyone make six-second looping films felt fresh and challenging, and we were thrilled when some of our favorite artists started using Vine in creative ways. So that gave us an idea: why not challenge Vine users to create six-second films for our own mini festival just for Vines?

And here are the 4 winners. Don’t forget to turn the sound on!

Winner: Auteur Category

Tribeca called this category “a tiny, concentrated expression of the filmmaker’s vision” and the winner ‘There is no sunny side to this story’ from @KevyPizza was chosen by the panelists because “Bottom line: it made us laugh. A lot”.

Winner: Animate Category

Tribeca called this the “category for filmmakers who saw Vine as the perfect medium for some creative animation and don’t want to deal with the live-action riffraff.” Won by @Jethro Ames: “How to Clear Your Garage From a Scary Ghost”

Winner: Genre Category

This category (“for all the sci-fi Vines, western Vines, LOLcat Vines, and comedy Vines. These shortlisters showed us how a genre film can thrive in six seconds.”) was awarded to @Matt Swinsky, for “LazerAndDonald Close Shave”.

The judges said of the winning entry:

Adam Goldberg: “Extremely inventive if not disturbing use of the form. By far one of the best Vines I’ve seen.”

Penny Marshall: “The use of lighting is amazingly set for this 6 second vine.”

5 Second Films: “Amazing execution within the Vine parameters, and succeeded at capturing the horror ‘genre.'” 

Winner: Series Category

“For those that had a story too big for just one Vine, we let them make it a trilogy” was the criteria for this category, won by @ChrisDonlon. 

5 Second Films: “The best of every world: it told a story, great animation, solid cinematography, engrossing and entertaining.” 

1. The Burrowing

2. The Infestation

3. The Sapling


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