Trending Videos Tools: Use Them to Create Smarter Content

Trending Videos Tools: Use Them to Create Smarter Content

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Creating consistent, interesting, and relevant video content can be a daunting task, particularly if you are relying on that content to drive sales or other types of conversion. Even if you work in a fast-paced, dynamic industry like fashion or retail, the ability to create videos around trending topics gives you a greater chance of being found by those searching for information on those subjects. You can plan ahead for industry, seasonal, and Ad hoc events by using an Editorial Calendar but you also need a way to find out what people are searching for, and talking about, right now. Luckily there are some fantastic FREE tools on the market that can help you identify these trends, and we take a look at a few of them. There are tools for trend tracking across the Internet, and trending tools that are YouTube specific.

What Videos are Trending on YouTube Right Now?

1. YouTube Trends Dashboard 

Most content creators should be familiar with the data available via YouTube’s own Trends Dashboard. The information is fairly limited, but you can search by location, age, and gender, and also compare, and contrast using the same metrics. Video results are returned by most shared, and by most viewed. Right now, females in America, Canada, and the UK, aged between 18-24 are all over the ‘Epic Chipotle Prank Gone Wrong‘ viral video. So, how can that help? Well, it tells us that despite reports to the contrary, prank videos are alive and kicking. If your channel lends itself to that kind of content then that’s something to consider.

youtube trends
 2. YouTube Cloud 

Data in the form of a word cloud is awfully cliche these days, but is also incredibly handy for those who don’t want to spend hours delving through lists or charts. YouTubeCloud is a fun, if a little advertising-heavy, site that confirms the 50 most viewed/top trending/popular YouTube videos by genre, data and location. Right now in the UK, we can see the 50 most popular videos in the comedy vertical. One of those videos is from Buzzfeed which tells us that list-type content is very popular. Think about a list-based video that you could create for your followers that would provide real value for them.


What is Trending on the Rest of the Internet Right Now?

1. Google Trends

If you don’t mind playing the long game, or planning for the year ahead, Google Trends is a good tool for confirming what has been trending so you can make informed decisions based on that data. For instance. for those who create videos around food, what type of content could you create now in time for this summer? We compared 3 search terms – summer food, salads, picnics – to see how they compared in terms of popularity. In our quick comparison, ‘salads’ seems to be the most searched for term, so that would indicate that content around that keyword could do well:

google trendsFurther down the page, Google Trends gives an indication of the popularity of some of the keyphrases associated with ‘salad’. At a glance, creating video content around ‘best salads’ would appeal to more people than ‘pasta salad’. As a keyword tool it’s very basic, but a deeper dive will open up possibilities for any creator.

google trends salad

 2. Google Hot Trends 

If you know exactly which topics you want to keep an eye on, you can create an RSS feed for all of them via Google Hot Trends. This can be an excellent source of content ideas for creating short-form videos like Vines, and Instavids, where turnaround can be very quick.

google hot trends

If you are able to create video content quickly, then Topsy, and Twitter Search are fantastic resources if you know what you are looking for.

3. Google Blog Search

Let’s stick with Google for one last tool, its Blog Search engine.

google blogs

google blog searchThey might not be trending, but just entering in your keywords could give you some extra ideas. We limited our search to the past 24 hours to see what kind of blog content made it through. Cross-reference these against some of the other tools mentioned to get an idea of what could work for you and your channel.


4. SocialMention

SocialMention is an excellent resource for real-time social media analysis, and search. The tool allows the user to search for keywords and phrases across blog, social mentions, comments, images, events, and other sites. Let’s stick with our salad theme and search for data on that:


We limited our search to today’s date, but within the past 12 hours only. A quick glance at the dashboard tells me all I need to know about what’s popular:

social mention salads

Already I can see several possibilities for video content around a topic I think will be popular:

  • Create a fantastic vegetarian salad in a Mason Jar
  • Save hours on your summer salad with this great tip!
  • BBQ’s and summer salads: 5 great ideas
  • Create a yummy fresh salad in minutes
  • Vegetarian BBQ: summer salads for picky eaters

5. NewsWhip

NewsWhip ranks engaging content by new shares, tweets, and likes. You can segment by country, and by genre to see what’s trending right now. WARNING: super addictive.


Let us know your favorite trending tools in the comments below! 


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