Track Your Top Videos With New YouTube Analytics Feature

Track Your Top Videos With New YouTube Analytics Feature

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As a video creator or marketer, the analytics package bundled up with YouTube is invaluable for giving you the tools and data to understand what’s working for you and what isn’t. Like the rest of the site, YouTube Analytics is constantly being refined to give you the easiest access to the metrics you need.

The latest tune up is the ability to see how your top 200 videos are performing and two new charts that visualize your channel’s activity. Previously, you could only see the metrics for one video at a time. Networks now also have access to the same data regarding their top 200 channels.

There are two new charts in the View Reports > Audience Retention section of the Analytics reports. The Multi-Line graph shows the site performance of up to 25 videos or channels by the geographic location of the viewer or date by estimated time watched and average % viewed. Each video is colour co-ordinated for easy reference.

youtube analytics multi line


The Stacked Area graph shows you the data of selected videos, channels or geographic location related to their total metrics.

youtube analytics stacked


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