It’s time to look at Tubular’s most popular YouTube creators leaderboard for March 2018. These top ten most-viewed YouTube channels pulled in nearly 10.5 billion total views, which is 2.1 billion more than our leaderboard saw in February! In addition, nine of last month’s creators were also featured on February’s leaderboard which means they continued to produce content which they knew worked for them and would attract millions of eyeballs. Here’s what else March’s leading channels accomplished:

  • 3 creators held their exact same positions from February, and all of these were in the top 5
  • 4 creators improved their rankings by at least one position each (resulting in seven out of the total ten channels here maintaining or improving their positions)
  • 9 creators increased their view counts
  • The highest 30-day average view count (V30) hit 7.5 million
  • The highest average 30-day engagement rate (ER30) was 2.8x

Read on to see how each of these top ten YouTube creators landed on the March leaderboard!

Top YouTube Channels March 2018

Top 10 Most Watched YouTube Video Creators March 2018 (Data via Tubular) Rankings include only those creators and brands which publish primarily original content

#1 T-Series

Those who’ve read these leaderboards for a while now know Indian music label and movie studio T-Series has been #1 on the charts for over a year. The channel is a video powerhouse, with audiences predominantly from India, the U.S., and the UK watching thousands of videos per month. For March, T-Series uploaded just 160 videos, but this was enough to help the channel pull in almost 2.3 billion total views (an increase of 400 million views over February). The brand’s most-watched video for the month of March was a preview for the song “Ek Do Teen” by Sri Lankan actress Jacqueline Fernandez from the Indian film Baaghi 2. That short, 1-minute-36-seconds clip created a lot of anticipation for the film’s release at the end of March, as is evidenced by the video’s 47.3 million total views:

#2 Ch3Thailand

It may surprise some how many Middle Eastern and Asian-based channels hit Tubular’s leaderboards each month, but those in the know realize the massive popularity of YouTube in these countries. As proof, last month we saw Ch3Thailand jump an incredible 15 positions up the chart to land at #2! The Thai media company and television station generated almost 1.3 billion total views in March, with its top-performing video covering the conclusion of one of its popular TV series pulling in 18.2 million of these views on its own. We suspect Ch3Thailand will stick around these leaderboards for a while; after appearing at #44 in January and quickly jumping to #17 in February, the channel quite clearly knows what its audience wants to watch and will continue to attract views as long as it caters to those wishes.

#3 SET India

Speaking of popular Indian YouTube channels, we basically can’t have a Tubular top YouTube creators leaderboard without SET India. This channel is a familiar face to our charts, having held a top ten position since April of last year. For March, the channel, which is the Indian distribution channel for Sony Entertainment Television, maintained its third place spot from both January and February thanks to nearly 1.2 billion total views, a solid increase of 342 million views over February! SET India is also the third and final creator on March’s leaderboard to rake in over a billion views each. This channel’s most popular video? An 8.5 million-views-strong clip about crime in the city of Mumbai from the television show “Crime Patrol.”

#4 zeetv

As we continue down March’s YouTube leaderboard, we run across another Indian-based channel, which at this point isn’t a big surprise. The media and entertainment brand zeetv saw 687 million views in February, but last month, the channel decidedly blew that number out of the water with a massive increase of about 246 million views to hit nearly 933 million views! This increase in viewership also helped zeetv bump up two positions to claim the fourth spot on this chart. The channel’s audience mostly seemed to prefer webisodes and highlights from their favorite TV shows; the most-watched clip in March, for example, was a “best scene” from the soap opera Kumkum Bhagya which generated 2.3 million views and an impressive 30-day average view count (V30) of 2.1 million.

#5 WWE

The World Wrestling Federation, otherwise known as the WWE, is one of the only channels on March’s leaderboard to hail from the United States. Obviously, though, to land at #5 on Tubular’s leaderboard means the wrestling brand’s content convinces enough American (and a few non-American) viewers to watch lots and lots of videos. For March, roughly 872 million views meant WWE maintained its fifth position, which it claimed back in January. This is also 142 million more views than the channel saw in February; part of that increase was likely thanks to the most-watched clip featuring wrestlers Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Ronda Rousey, which pulled in an impressive 10 million views and a solid 9.9 million V30 despite the clip’s 20-minute length. Can you blame viewers, though, when The Rock is involved?

#6 Canal KondZilla

Next up, we have Canal KondZilla, the Brazilian music label and entertainment brand which has been in the top ten since April of last year. If you haven’t yet noticed a trend with these leaderboards, internationally-appealing music and entertainment companies do very well on YouTube. Canal is just another example of this, having generated nearly 863 million total views in March (an increase of 69 million views over February). Canal’s long-time claim to fame, however, is its high 30-day engagement rate (ER30), which has been steadily increasing from 2.2x in December to 2.5x in February. That number increased again in March to 2.8x, a solid 1.8x better than the baseline average! Canal also claimed the month’s highest V30 at 7.5 million. Clearly, audiences can’t get enough of Canal’s content, like its most-watched clip from March which featured a song from artist MC Neguinho do ITR that pulled in 47.4 million views. This large view count also made this clip the most-watched video out of all of March’s top ten creators.

#7 Ryan ToysReview

YouTube audiences not only love music and entertainment, but usually, there are enough parents and children on the video platform to create plenty of views on family programming, as well. This is the case with Ryan ToysReview, a familiar face to Tubular’s monthly YouTube leaderboard for over a year now. The channel saw just over 858 million views in March, and it also claimed the second-highest V30 of the top ten publishers last month at 4 million. The children’s content channel saw the most views on a clip with Ryan (the child for whom the channel is named) pretending to deliver pizza in a box fort, which generated 14 million total views and earned a solid 12.4 million V30.

#8 netd müzik

Here we have another music-based channel and one well-known to these leaderboards: netd müzik. The Turkish music label and YouTube channel routinely pulls in millions of views each month, and for March, the channel managed to generate about 167 more views than in February to hit almost 758 million total views. This improvement also helped netd müzik move up one position from ninth and claim #8 last month. As is to be expected, most of this channel’s top ten clips from March were music videos; the most-watched one, “Farkımız Var” from singer Hadise, saw 38 million views and a not-too-shabby V30 of 30.1 million.

#9 Movieclips

A part of the Fandango media family, Movieclips first appeared on Tubular’s top ten YouTube leaderboard in December 2017 and hasn’t left since. Like many of the channels before it, Movieclips also increased its views over February from 570 million to nearly 724 million in March, a difference of 154 million views to help Movieclips move up one spot. The channel which features movie trailers, highlights, and film snippets had something of a surprise outlier video in March in terms of views. Its most-watched clip, a failed roadside makeout session from Fits and Starts, generated 12.8 million views, a massive 11 million more than Movieclips’ next highest-viewed clip! Apparently, Movieclips’ audience just wanted a few laughs.

#10 Wave Music

March’s YouTube leaderboard closes out with Wave Music, an Indian music label which first appeared on February’s chart. Continuing the trend of creators increasing their view counts, this channel pulled in 64 million more views than in February (which saw 634 million views) to hit 698 million in March. Surprisingly, though, the channel’s top clip for the month wasn’t a music video, but rather an entire, nearly-three-hour film called Muqaddar; this movie has 17.5 million views to date, with 14.1 million of them arriving in the first 30 days.

Most Watched YouTube Publishers March 2018

  1. T-Series (2.3B Views)
  2. Ch3Thailand (1.3B Views)
  3. SET India (1.2B Views)
  4. zeetv (933M Views)
  5. WWE (872M Views)
  6. Canal KondZilla (863M Views)
  7. Ryan ToysReview (858M Views)
  8. netd müzik (758M Views)
  9. Movieclips (724M Views)
  10. Wave Music (698M Views)

Tubular Video Ratings

You’ll notice some exclusive data in this month’s chart as we include Tubular Video Ratings, a unique group of online video metrics that set the standard for measurement of views and engagements across videos and publishers. They include a simplified first 30-day engagement rating (ER30) and first 30-day views (V30), and more information can be found here.

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