Who Were the Most Popular YouTube Publishers of April 2018?

Who Were the Most Popular YouTube Publishers of April 2018?

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Video data is one of our absolute favorite things here at Tubular, which is why we’re always excited to see a new edition of our monthly leaderboards. Fortunately, a new one is ready! Our April leaderboard for the most-watched creators across all of YouTube is now available, and shows us that this month, the top ten channels alone pulled in 9.9 billion total views. Similar to March’s chart, we also saw nine of the same creators remaining on the leaderboard, but there was one new channel which worked its way up into the top ten!

Here’s a quick overview of the achievements of April’s top ten channels:

  • 4 creators held their exact same positions from February
  • 4 creators improved their rankings by at least one position each (resulting in eight out of the total ten channels here maintaining or improving their positions)
  • 6 channels increased their 30-day average view count (V30)
  • The highest V30 hit 9.5 million
  • The highest average 30-day engagement rate (ER30) was 2.6x

Without further ado, let’s delve into each of these channels to see what they were up to in April to help them win a spot on the monthly YouTube leaderboard.

Top YouTube Channels April 2018

Top 10 Most Watched YouTube Video Creators April 2018 (Data via Tubular) Rankings include only those creators and brands which publish primarily original content

#1 T-Series

As is to be expected at this point, T-Series led the top ten thanks to almost 2.1 billion total views. The Indian music label and movie studio doesn’t seem like it will ever be dethroned on our monthly YouTube leaderboards, as it’s been at #1 for well over a year now. Its audiences simply can’t get enough of the music videos, trailers, and film clips the channel uploads on a routine basis. In March, for example, the most-watched video was a preview from the film Baaghi 2, a trend which continued into April with a clip from the film titled “O Saathi Video Song.” This snippet pulled in 58.3 million total views and a very high V30 of 40.7 million!

#2 SET India

The reign of Indian-produced content remains strong on the leaderboard thanks to SET India. Another Middle Eastern-based channel, the Sony Entertainment Television branch has also been on the top ten chart for an entire year. For April, however, the channel bumped up from #3 to land second with almost 1.1 billion total views! SET India also increased its V30 from 180K in March to 234K in April, a solid 54K average increase in monthly views. The channel’s most popular content from this past month predominantly included scenes from the network’s The Kapil Sharma Show (7 out of its top ten videos hailed from this series). However, the most popular video was actually a preview for season 3 of the reality show Dus Ka Dum, which garnered 15.5 million views.

#3 WWE

One of the “outliers” on our monthly YouTube leaderboards has usually been the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) brand. While almost all the channels in the top ten are entertainment-related, most boast music or movie-related content. Not WWE; fans around the world continue to flock to its wrestling-centric channel to watch ripped men and women give extravagant mic speeches before grappling each other to the ground. In April, nearly 956 million views helped the WWE jump two positions from March to land at #3. The channel also boasted the second-highest ER30 at 1.7x. Clearly, wrestling fans are some of the most passionate, involved sports and entertainment audiences around, a fact the WWE YouTube channel clearly benefits from month after month.

#4 zeetv

Joining fellow Indian media brands T-Series and SET India on this month’s leaderboard is zeetv. The channel was one of the ones which maintained its position from March, holding at #4 with more than 922 million total views. For April, zeetv also successfully increased its V30 from 181K in March to 190K, an average increase of 9K views across all its videos. YouTube audiences seemed to prefer two particular shows from the Indian media brand last month: Kumkum Bhagya and Kundali Bhagya. Eight of the channel’s ten most-watched clips hailed from one of these two shows, though the most-watched video with 3.3 million views was a scene from the series Kaleerein.

#5 Ch3Thailand

The international media presence on April’s YouTube leaderboard continues strong with the Thai-based Ch3Thailand. This channel, which skyrocketed into the top ten in March, placed fifth last month with almost 917 million total views. As seems to be the trend for April’s leaderboard, Ch3Thailand was another channel which saw an improved V30, hitting 255K up from 182K in March. The Thai media company and television station saw the most views on a clip which pulled in 12.7 million total views and was the finale to one of its TV series.

#6 Canal KondZilla

Canal KondZilla is the third YouTube channel this month to maintain its position from March, which was sixth with around 863 million total views. But April was a better month for the Brazilian music label and media giant, as it raked in almost 880 million total views, an increase of 17 million! And the accolades don’t stop there for this powerhouse YouTube channel. Canal KondZilla also improved its V30 from 7.5 million in March to 9.5 million in April, which was coincidentally the highest V30 of the month’s top ten channels. Plus, the Brazilian channel claimed the highest ER30 with an astounding 2.6x! Clearly, views aren’t the only measure of success for Canal KondZilla every month.

#7 Ryan ToysReview

The last YouTube channel to maintain its position over March for April’s leaderboard was the ever-popular Ryan ToysReview. Consistently one of the only family-friendly programmers on our leaderboard each month, the long-time top ten channel stayed at #7 in April thanks to more than 876 million total views. This was a solid increase of 18 million views over March’s 858 million. Ryan ToysReview also boasted the second-highest V30 of the month’s top ten publishers at 3.8 million. The channel’s most-watched clip for the month scored 17.6 million views, likely due to its humorous take on the realities vs. expectations of getting a child ready for school every morning.

#8 Movieclips

Back in December 2017, Movieclips landed in the top ten on our monthly YouTube leaderboard, and it hasn’t left since. The Fandango-owned channel releases (you guessed it) movie clips, teasers/trailers, and behind-the-scenes content which helped it pull in 785 million total views in April (61 million more views than March’s 724 million). These views helped bump Movieclips up by one position over the previous month to land at #8 for this recent chart. Plus, like several of the channels already on this list, Movieclips increased its V30 from 112K in March to 121K in April!

#9 Wish

Every so often, we see an entirely new channel work its way into the top ten, and this was the case for April thanks to Wish. Despite having millions of followers on Facebook, the DIY, shopping, and retail channel owned by the app company of the same name generated millions of views on its YouTube content. In April, it saw almost 769 million total views, enough to help it jump ten whole positions on the chart to claim ninth for the month. Wish also saw a not-too-shabby V30 of 2.4 million, which was the fourth-highest V30 of this month’s top ten channels. Overall, Wish could find itself sticking around the leaderboards and keeping eyeballs glued to its content if it continues to dish up videos similar to those its uploaded in the past (namely, promotional content for its app which includes unboxing videos of amazing deals, sponsored product reveals, and more).

#10 netd müzik

Last but certainly not least is the Turkish music label which has been around the YouTube leaderboards for a months. Netd müzik landed at #10 in April thanks to 692 million total views; this channel was also the sixth one of the month to improve its V30 from 835K in March to 1 million in April. So which music video became netd müzik’s most-watched this last month? That would be the song “Bu Benim Öyküm,” which generated 52.1 million views to date and a higher-than-average 7-day engagement rate of 1.7x.

Most Watched YouTube Publishers April 2018

  1. T-Series (2B Views)
  2. SET India (1.1B Views)
  3. WWE (956M Views)
  4. zeetv (922M Views)
  5. Ch3Thailand (917M Views)
  6. Canal KondZilla (880M Views)
  7. Ryan ToysReview (876M Views)
  8. Movieclips (785M Views)
  9. Wish (769M Views)
  10. netd müzik (692M Views)

Tubular Video Ratings

You’ll notice some exclusive data in this month’s chart as we include Tubular Video Ratings, a unique group of online video metrics that set the standard for measurement of views and engagements across videos and publishers. They include a simplified first 30-day engagement rating (ER30) and first 30-day views (V30), and more information can be found here.

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