Family-Friendly Content Monopolized YouTube This Summer: Top YouTube Channels July 2018

Family-Friendly Content Monopolized YouTube This Summer: Top YouTube Channels July 2018

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The leaderboard has been released for July 2018’s top YouTube channels, and along with it, some fascinating insights into how a few different brands and creators increased their views over the course of the month. Here’s a rundown of what we discovered when analyzing the top 100 most-viewed channels on YouTube in July:

  • The first four channels saw at least 1 billion views each, with the top performer garnering 3 billion alone (also, three of these channels hail from India).
  • The highest average 30-day engagement rate (ER30) of the top ten channels hit a fantastic 3.1x, while the highest ER30 of the top 100 publishers hit an astounding 10x+!
  • The best 30-day average (V30) from the top ten channels was a solid 27 million, while the best overall V30 across the top 100 channels landed at 103 million.
  • Out of all 100 creators, four of them increased rankings by at least 100 positions.

Top YouTube Channels July 2018

Top 10 Most Watched YouTube Video Creators July 2018 (Data via Tubular) Rankings include only those creators and brands which publish primarily original content

July’s YouTube leaderboard had a few surprises on it in terms of viewership growth. Uber, for example, increased its views by 32 positions to land at #58 with more than 350 million views last month (the majority of these views are on original content directed by Spike Lee as well as Mission Impossible-themed clips). However, the biggest trends we saw across the top 100 channels related to children’s programming and individual creators in particular. Let’s dive in:

Family-Friendly Content Dominated July’s Leaderboard

Back in June, we saw a trend which isn’t very surprising to those who know the ins-and-outs of YouTube, and that trend was the growth of views on family-friendly content. That same growth appeared in July, as multiple channels in this category jumped up several positions each to basically take over the entire leaderboard for the month. We counted at least 18 children’s content channels which improved their rankings by a minimum of a spot each, with the highest change in position stemming from Family GamesTV with an improvement of 306 spots! In total, about 25% of the top 100 channels in June were creating and distributing kids’ content.

Now for June’s YouTube leaderboard article, I surmised the success of children’s programming channels had to do with some well-written SEO, algorithms, and possible paid promotions. While this is probably still true in some cases for July’s channels, I have a more contextual theory to add this month: the dwindling summer here in the U.S.. Maybe, just maybe, as parents looked to entertain their kids over the summer months, they let them watch more YouTube than they normally would during the school year. However, this is just a theory, and viewership varies by country for each of these channels (though many are still are U.S.-based). Regardless of the reasoning behind this viewership growth, video showrunners at media brands and TV networks should be asking themselves how they can incorporate family-friendly content into their YouTube channels, as it’s clearly an easy way to pull in lots more eyeballs.

Musicians, Individual Creators Claim Most Extreme Data Points

While children’s content may be one of the most popular types of video on YouTube, July’s leaderboard saw its most extreme data points relegated to music- and creator-based channels. For starters, let’s look at the highest V30 across the top 100 channels, an honor which went to Latin American artist Ozuna with 103 million views. Having been wildly popular over the course of 2018, the Spanish-language singer continues to prove audiences around the world can’t take their eyes off his music content.

The highest ER30 of more than 10x (yes, you read that right!) went to the Brazilian creator Felipe Neto, who jumped up 44 positions in July and saw almost 323 million views. Neto creates predominantly comedy content, though his most-watched video in July with more than 8.8 million views and an ER7 of 8.2x has a decidedly scarier angle as the creator undertakes the “Momo challenge” (video showrunners, take note: these meme- and internet-based challenges are a great way to boost your digital video strategies). Finally, we saw Australian gaming creator LazarBeam claim the biggest ranking increase in July with a mind-blowing +1333 position change! The impetus behind this success? Lots of Fortnite videos — his top ten most-watched clips from July all feature the game, with the most popular one boasting 10.8 million views.

We’ve said it before, and we’re going to say it again: showrunners, figure out a way to incorporate Fortnite into your online video efforts. The title is taking over the gaming genre on YouTube, so it’d be hard to fail at making it work for your brand if done right. So if July’s leaderboard taught us anything, it’s that family-friendly content, music, and creator-driven comedy and gaming is a surefire way to gain views. Have fun applying these insights to your strategies!

Tubular Video Ratings

You’ll notice some exclusive data in this month’s chart as we include Tubular Video Ratings, a unique group of online video metrics that set the standard for measurement of views and engagements across videos and publishers. They include a simplified first 30-day engagement rating (ER30) and first 30-day views (V30), and more information can be found here.

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