Top WordPress Video Plugins for Video Blogs

Top WordPress Video Plugins for Video Blogs

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WordPress bloggers are hosting and showcasing their video and audio files on their blogs in as many ways as possible. It is possible due to the availability of many plugins for the WordPress. The process of adding video, audio and other multimedia files to your WordPress blog can be very simple or complex, depending on what kind of results you want. Choosing the right plugin is up to you and your media needs. It is always advisable keep backup of your audio and video files you want to post in your blogs as some of the multimedia sites may go out of business anytime.

For your ready reference I’ve tried to provide some of the popular video plugins available for the publication of video using WordPress and their source. One more important thing all plugins described below can be had without spending money as they are FREE for download.

Video, Audio, and Multimedia WordPress Plugins

These plugins will handle audio, video, podcasts, and just about every multimedia format.

  • WordTube WordPress Plugin – It is a WordPress Plugin which enables you to display streaming video formats like FLV and SWF, audio files like MP3 etc. and many video and audio formats. It can be downloaded from-
  • Viper’s Video Quicktags WordPress Plugin – This plugin allows you to add quicktag buttons for fast linking the video files. This plugin can be downloaded from- The plugins I am going to name here allows you embedding of variety of video files and allows you really simple way of customization.

Flash Video Plugins

WordPress Plugins for producing Flash or Flash videos are described below. These plugins are also available for free as the video plugins:

  • WPvideo This plugin allow you to insert flash videos (YouTube, Google Video, Metacafe) in your own post or pages in an easy way, can display more info about video (Title, author, description, etc) and let users download the video using DownThisVideo (
  • WP-FLV Flash Video Player Plugin – this plugin simplifies the process of inserting Flash video files (.flv) inside a WordPress post or page.
  • Easy Inline SWF Plugin for WordPress – Allows you to insert Flash files in .swf format into any place of your WordPress post, automatically detecting default size for the animation.
  • SatayTube WordPress Plugin – Flash Satay is a method to embed flash movie into HTML document. It is not only W3C valid, but also supported by almost all browsers. SatayTube is a wordpress plugin which can automatically transfer the codes provided by Youtube, Google Video, Yahoo Video, or into Flash Satay format. A custom alternative picture would be shown up if the adobe flash player is not installed.

Self-Hosted Video WordPress Plugins

Supports video files on your blog’s server. To use these, upload the video file to your blog’s site and then link to the file with the options found in the Plugin.

  • Windows Media Embedding Plugin – For adding WMV’s to wordpress. The plugin is based on my seemingly useful QuickTime Embedding Plugin mentioned below.
  • QuickTime Embedded WordPress Plugin – This plugin corrects the problem that occurs wehn adding Quicktime movies to wordpress whereby wordpress automatically adds paragraph and breaks the embed and object tags.

Off-site Hosted Video WordPress Plugins

Videos hosted off your site from YouTube, Google Video, or one of more than a dozen different video hosting services. The following video WordPress Plugins are designed for the most part to only handle video files not hosted on your site, only videos hosted off-site on one of the many video hosting services. Some will host many different video hosting services, while others are limited to only one specific service.

  • WPVideo Plugin – is considered by many to be the easiest Video Plugin to use for embedding video hosted off your blog. Once installed, just add the tag snippet with a link to any YouTube, Google Video, MetaCafe, or other hosted site video file into a post and the video automatically displays. Configuration includes display of additional data such as video title, duration, and a download link.
  • – Videopop WordPress Plugin –


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