From Food to Flights, Fancy Rules Online Video’s Top Trends

From Food to Flights, Fancy Rules Online Video’s Top Trends

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People love to watch other people make fancy food. It’s even better when they can learn to make those fancy meals in simple ways. In fact, people chewed through so much online video about fancy foods made easy that videos around that topic became the biggest trend in online video last quarter, according to stats compiled by Tubular Labs.

In this video, we take a quick look at fancy foods and all the rest of Tubular’s Top 5 Online Video Trends of the quarter. In fact, it was a quarter full of fancy, from food to makeup to the only way you’ll ever want to fly, plus the best part of Christmas, or any other day. Tubular, by the way, tracks 4 billion videos and 10 million creators to tease out the big trends and bring them to you.   

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