The Top Ten Most Viewed Video Ads on YouTube: August 2014

The Top Ten Most Viewed Video Ads on YouTube: August 2014

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Every one of the 10 most watched videos ads on YouTube in the U.S. for August 2014 generated over 1 million views, with the top ad attracting an incredible 8 million. The most viewed ad, for Madden NFL 15, was uploaded to YouTube on August 15th by EA Sports, and features comedian Kevin Hart and actor Dave Franco in a three-and-a-half-minute-long video that really needs to be seen to be believed.

Of the 10 videos to make the list, two brands (EA Sports, and Clearasil) were new entries, while Samsung appears to be staking its claim for a permanent place on the Leaderboard. Its video for the Galaxy Alpha (at #4) gives the brand its 10th placement so far this year, making it the brand with the most appearances in the top 10 most watched video ads for 2014.

Collaborations between brands and YouTube creators resulted in a #3 spot for the Fine Bros and the NHTSA, with their 9 minute “Teens React to Drunk Driving” clip. Skin care brand Clearasil leveraged hoiitsroi/Wassabi Productions and their 2.5 million YouTube subscribers to promote their #upyourgame campaign, in at #10. The average length of the video ads featured in this month’s chart pan out at around 3 minutes, with the YouTube audience sticking with the ads for at least two-thirds of the way through.

Official YouTube Video Ads Leaderboard August 2014

#1 EA Sports: Madden NFL 15: Madden Season: 8,012,244 views

#2 Foot Locker – Short Memory Pt. 1 feat. James Harden and Charles Barkley: 4,876,733 views

#3 The Fine Bros/NHTSA: Teens React to Drunk Driving: 4,351,023 views

#4 SamsungMobile: Samsung GALAXY ALPHA “Just Alpha” Official Video: 4,184,752 views

#5 NBC Sports: The Return of Coach Lasso: 4,041,798 views

#6 EA Sports FIFA 15 | Barclays Premier League: 2,855,248 views

#7 GoPro: Kama The Surfing Pig: 2,753,660 views

#8 SKULLY AR-1: Rebel Innovation: 1,701,084 views

#9 Toyota USA: Swagger Wagon ft. Busta Rhymes: 1,363,562 views

#10 Hoiitsroi/Clearasil: THE BIGGEST PIMPLE EVER #UpYourGame: 1,244,714 views


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