The Top 20 Social Video Ad Campaigns For January 2013: Hungry Hippos, Grizzly Bears, & Piranhas

The Top 20 Social Video Ad Campaigns For January 2013: Hungry Hippos, Grizzly Bears, & Piranhas

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2013 is still young, but already we’ve seen some impressive new video ads hit the Unruly Viral Video Chart as the most-shared global video ad campaigns for January. There are a few veterans from 2012 that continue to thrive on the list but most of the top video ads for January are fresh-faced new ads.

Leading the charge at #1 from the young guns is, ironically, a Microsoft ad that’s all about growing up. Child Of The 90s is a brightly-coloured stroll down memory lane for all twenty-somethings who can remember the days of pogs, bum bags and Tamogotchi pets. Filled with snap bracelets, shell suits, yin-yangs and yo-yos, the ad waxes lyrically about all the fun we used to have before the internet came along.

It might seem a little odd then that the clip has earned over 508,583 shares in the name of Internet Explorer, but actually it makes perfect sense. The ad promises to deliver a simpler user experience, appealing directly to a generation of users who favour competing web browsers. Cleverly, the ad recognises that it is now catching up with users’ tastes, closing with the line “you grew up, so did we”.

Talking of growing up, the second ad in the chart, Nike Golf’s No Cup Is Safe, draws on a similar theme. The brand’s long-time sponsor, Tiger Woods, might still be the most famous name in golf, but he’s no longer the world No.1. That title belongs to a much younger man, Rory McIlroy. The ad introduces McIlroy as the young pretender, taking on Woods in a driving range trick-shot shootout.

They exchange banter, while pulling off increasingly impossible shots. It turns out that young pup McIlroy still has a lot to learn from the old dog, Woods.

Put together by Wieden + Kennedy, the clip might not have scored a hole-in-one with fans, but did turn in a scorecard of over 370,000 shares.

Leaving the sunny fairway, Samsung whisked us off to snowy British Columbia for the third most shared ad this month. The Viral Factory pulled together this smartly-made clip, which looks like a film crew being interrupted by a curious grizzly bear while shooting an ad for the latest smart washing machine.

Only, this lumbering creature is smarter than your average bear, able to shed his pelt and bung it the machine for a quick spin cycle. He juggles, reads the paper and plays guitar while waiting for his freshly laundered fur to return, crisp and white. It transpires that the brown grizzly is actually a grubby polar bear, and it takes the EcoBubble washing machine to clean him up and net Samsung 287,602 shares.

The massive sing-a-long hit Dumb Ways To Die still lives on, wiggling its private parts at piranhas and poking forks into toasters. The animated little critters are just as cute, and just as a set on their own destruction as they were in December. The hummable tune of hara-kiri has topped the charts for almost two months, but seems, finally, to be running out of suicidal steam.

The safety-warning-cum-music-video-cum-ad compares the stupid, and ultimately deadly antics of its animated stars to the unnecessary risks people take around speeding trains. Gathering 210,394 shares in January, the McCann Melbourne produced ad can only muster fourth place.

Fifth place also belongs to another 2012 musical favourite, Pulcino Pio for Roman radio station Radio Globo. The catchy Italian language pop song, inspired by a nursery rhyme, chirped its way to 200,520 shares last month.

The sixth spot is also filled with an all-singing, all-dancing musical adThe Motherhood is Fiat’s ever-so-British take on Toyota’s US hit Swagger Wagon, in a rap-battle of suburban parenthood. Motherhood utilises some fantastically gross depictions of life as a young mum, with smartly penned lines about baby vomit, nursing bras and itchy thongs. The Rubber Republic clip has turned stomachs and set tongues wagging, pulling in 177,805 shares.

Surprisingly, only one ad from Super Bowl 2013 makes an appearance in January’s top 20 – Volkswagen’s Get Happy. The controversial commercial, by Deutsch, features highly-strung American office workers transformed into easy-going, Jamaican-accented purveyors of Zen-like calm.

With over 167,000 shares, the clip has generated plenty of conversation, most of it being a debate about the political correctness of having white actors imitate Jamaican accents, stereotyping all the island’s inhabitants as too laid back to worry about the trials of office life.

While the office might be a stressful environment, TNT’s sequel to Dramatic Surprise On A Quiet Square really turns up the tension with kidnap, explosions, gunfire and a parade of streaking men.

Dramatic Surprise On An Ice Cold Day, by Duval Guillaume Modem, ambushes unwitting members of the public and plants them in the midst of their own action movie, complete with riot police, nudists and a gun-toting Elvis impersonator. With only 176,000 shares in January, the clip has a long way to go to catch up with its big brother.

Two tech ads making a noise this year were released around the industry’s biggest trade show, CES. Microsoft teased its immersive gaming platform, Illumiroom, with an ad that earned nearly 168,000 shares last month to secure ninth place. Samsung bagged the number 10 spot with a 156,488 share video that promotes the nearly indestructible Xperia Z phone.

2012 makes a comeback further down the chart with Spanish bank Som Sabadell’s classical Flashmob in 13th and DC Shoes is revving away in 14th with Gymkhana Five.

Rewind YouTube Style 2012 is still dancing to Gangnam Style in 15th, while The Hottest is still strutting its muscle-bound stuff in 16th.

Top 20 most shared ads from January 2013

  1. Microsoft – Child Of The 90s 508,583 shares
  2. Nike – No Cup Is Safe 370,351 shares
  3. Samsung – Huge Bear Surprises Crew On EcoBubble Photoshoot 287,602 shares
  4. Melbourne Metro – Dumb Ways To Die 210,394 shares
  5. Radio Globo – Pulcino Pio 200,520 shares
  6. Fiat – The Motherhood 177,805 shares
  7. Volkswagen – Get Happy 167,031 shares
  8. TNT – A Dramatic Surprise On An Ice Cold Day 176,109 shares
  9. Microsoft – IllumiRoom 167,900 shares
  10. Sony – Xperia 156,488 shares
  11. Nike  – Cristiano Ronaldo Leaves A Vapor Trail 126,343 shares
  12. Samsung – Wreck-It Ralph Challenge 121,159 shares
  13. Som Sabadell – Flashmob 110,030 shares
  14. DC Shoes- Ken Block’s Gymkhana Five: Ultimate Playground 101,359 shares
  15. YouTube – Rewind YouTube Style 2012 86,335 shares
  16. Abercrombie & Fitch, The Hottest 80,589 shares
  17. Samsung – Flexible Display at CES 2013 78,391 shares
  18. GoPro- Hero 3: Black Edition – Smaller, Lighter and 2X More Powerful 75,557 shares
  19. Activision – The Replacer – Official Call of Duty Black Ops 2 72,716 shares
  20. Coca-Cola – Volvamonos Locos 72,244 shares


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