Top Online Video Creators Across Social: September 2017

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Here’s something to wrap your head around: in August 2017, the top ten video publishers and creators from around the world pulled in 19.6 billion total views. Seem like a lot? It is, but September’s creators for Tubular’s cross-platform leaderboard did even better! Overall, this month’s top ten most-watched creators across all of social saw a whopping 19.8 billion views, with each one generating at least 1 billion views!

But a curious thing happened in September related to the top five positions on the cross-platform leaderboard. Normally, a few different brands, creators, or publishers are vying for these positions, and they move around from spot to spot each month or every few months. For September, though, the top five publishers around the world were in their exact same positions as in August, an interesting anomaly which seems to indicate these brands were working extra hard to at least keep their rankings, if not improve them (who wouldn’t want to increase their standing, after all?). So without further ado, here are the top ten creators from around the world who pulled in the most views in September.

Top 10 Most Watched Cross-platform Creators August 2017 (Data via Tubular) Rankings include only those creators and brands which publish primarily original content.


Total Views: more than 3.3 billion

Primary Source of Views: Facebook at almost 3.3 billion

V30: 4.8 million

ER30: 1.1x

Key Trend/Video: For the month of September, UNILAD maintained its #1 position from August thanks to nearly 3.3 billion total views across all its social accounts. This is an increase of about 100 million views over last month; the UK-based viral entertainment publisher also successfully bumped up its average 30-day view count (V30) from August by roughly 200,000 to hit 4.8 million. So what were UNILAD audiences interested in during September? As is usual with the publisher’s content, the top ten clips related to human interest stories or short snippets of funny entertainment. However, one video stood out above all the rest with a good 56.3 million total views, a V30 of 55.5 million, and a good 30-day engagement rate (ER30) of 1.3x. Those stats hail from this clip, which features a man hilariously failing to catch a rat in his bathroom with the aid of his ineffective cat:


Total Views: over 3.1 billion

Primary Source of Views: Facebook at almost 3.1 billion

V30: 5.3 million

ER30: 1.0x

Key Trend/Video: This UK-based publisher, which specializes in viral content and entertainment pieces, maintained its second place position from August, but, much like UNILAD, also increased its views at the same time by about 50 million. Some of the videos released by LADbible crossed over with UNILAD’s content, such as a clip featuring a banana split made with Jack Daniel’s and a montage of trippy and unique animations. But LADbible’s viewers seemed to prefer two specific types of content in September: fail/comedy and model scenery (yes, you read that right). Five of LADbible’s top ten videos were from these categories, with three being fail clips and two being model scenery builds. The top-viewed video for the publisher was a funny scene of an Irish family trying to get a bat out of their house; this saw 42.4 million total views, a V30 of 41.3 million, and an ER30 of 1.1x.

VT (Viral Thread)

Total Views: almost 2.6 billion

Primary Source of Views: Facebook at almost 2.6 billion

V30: 4.6 million

ER30: 1.0x

Key Trend/Video: And the trend of publishers increasing their video counts over August continues! Like UNILAD and LADbible before it, Jungle Creation’s media property VT (formerly known as Viral Thread) gained about 100 million views to hit nearly 2.6 billion for this month’s leaderboard. VT also increased its V30 by roughly 100,000 views, as well. The publisher’s content usually takes the form of comedy, human interest, or inspirational pieces, and while that was no different in September, one video in particular was viewed far more often than the remaining top nine clips from VT. The clip follows the “me when…” format of videos VT’s audience seems so fond of and shows an incredibly happy, bouncy puppy reacting to food, which video text says is a “visual representation of how happy food makes me.” Audiences loved this relatable snippet, and gave it a generous 73.5 million total views, a V30 of 67.3 million, and an ER30 of 1.3x.

9GAG: Go Fun the World

Total Views: almost 2.3 billion

Primary Source of Views: Facebook at almost 1.3 billion

V30: 5.0 million

ER30: 0.9x

Key Trend/Video: The key thing to note about 9GAG’s views for the month of September (besides the fact that it’s another one of those publishers which increased its view count over August) is how despite many of its views coming from Facebook, the comedy and viral content brand saw almost as many views hailing from its Instagram account (over 1 billion). Normally, 9GAG gets most of its views from that platform, but this wasn’t the case in September as the top ten most-watched videos from the brand were on Facebook. Still, 9GAG’s audience showed their dedication to both platforms this month, so we’ll be curious to see which platform comes out on top next month. As for 9GAG’s most popular clip for September, that would be a home video of a little girl really getting into her lip-syncing performance of Aretha Franklin’s “Respect” (the sassy scene has pulled in 39.8 million views to date, a V30 of 38.3 million, and an ER30 of 1.1x):

5-Minute Crafts

Total Views: almost 1.7 billion

Primary Source of Views: Facebook at nearly 1.2 billion

V30: 9 million

ER30: 0.8x

Key Trend/Video: Finishing off our top five publishers and creators around the world for the month of September is 5-Minute Crafts, a DIY and (as indicated) craft-based content publisher who held its fifth position just like it had in August. Similar to the improvements other brands made this month, 5-Minute Crafts bumped up its V30 from 8.9 million last month to 9 million in September, giving the brand the honor of second-highest V30 across the top ten publishers of the month. 5-Minute Crafts saw huge success with one video in particular, as well, which was a clip featuring marker hacks; this sequence of tips and tricks fascinated viewers enough to give it 64.7 million total views, a V30 of 61 million, and an ER30 of 0.8x.

The Dodo

Total Views: just over 1.5 billion

Primary Source of Views: Facebook at just over 1.4 billion

V30: 3.2 million

ER30: 1.6x

Key Trend/Video: By now, you’re probably wondering what metrics The Dodo increased, right? Well, for this animal-facing content creator, an increase of three whole positions on September’s leaderboard was its biggest win. This success was due to roughly 200 million more views than in August, giving The Dodo a solid 1.5 billion total views for this month’s chart. The brand also boasted the highest ER30 of all this month’s publishers. Two very clear trends were in play for this brand in September, and those were videos about animals being saved, rescued, or rehabilitated and videos about animals surrounding Hurricane Harvey. Eight of The Dodo’s top ten videos for the month related to one of these topics in some form or another, with the most-watched clip about a mother dog saving her puppies from a rain storm pulling in an impressive 116 million total views.


Total Views: almost 1.5 billion

Primary Source of Views: Facebook at more than 1.3 billion

V30: 1.8 million

ER30: 0.6x

Key Trend/Video: Mexican media and entertainment brand Badabun landed at #10 on Tubular’s Facebook leaderboard in the month of August, and then bumped up its position by another five spots for September. Now, the company finds itself placing at #7 overall on the cross-platform leaderboard with nearly 1.5 billion total video views! Now admittedly, my high school Spanish courses are a distant memory, and so analyzing the top ten videos from Badabun in September were difficult (thank goodness there’s Google translate). In general, the media brand’s audience really seemed to prefer content related to sensational news-type stories, such as a clip about a mother who killed her children and the difficult backstory of the creator of Whatsapp. Badabun’s top video, however, showed viewers weird things our bodies do for no real reason, and fascinated enough people to generate 45.8 million total views, a V30 of 38.8 million, and an ER30 of 1.2x.


Total Views: more than 1.3 billion

Primary Source of Views: YouTube at just over 1.3 billion

V30: 1.8 million

ER30: 0.7x

Key Trend/Video: Following the trend of many of these publishers and creators increasing their numbers this month, Indian music label and movie studio T-Series saw about 100,000 more views on average than in August, which moved its V30 from 1.7 to 1.8 million. And as usual, the majority of the brand’s views came from YouTube; the platform has always served T-Series well, as proven by the fact that it continually stays in the top spot on our YouTube leaderboards every month. Plus, as many online video professionals know, India is one of the biggest consumers of digital video in the world. For the month of September in particular, T-Series’ audience was obsessed with a song from the film Judwaa 2; the music video below pulled in 58.2 million total views:

Worldstar Hip Hop

Total Views: just over 1.3 billion

Primary Source of Views: Other (Instagram, Twitter, etc.) at 960 million

V30: 973K

ER30: 0.7x

Key Trend/Video: Thanks to Worldstar Hip Hop, these monthly leaderboards actually have a brand who doesn’t draw the majority of its views from either Facebook or YouTube. The urban-leaning hip-hop and entertainment publisher continually provides videos its audience can’t get enough of specifically on Instagram; for September, for example, 73% (or just over 960 million) of the brand’s views came from that photo- and video-sharing platform. Surprisingly, despite the majority of Worldstar Hip Hop’s views coming from Instagram, many of its YouTube clips hit the jackpot: the top five most-watched clips for the brand in September were on YouTube. Which one was at the top? This official music video for “Rubbin Off the Paint” by YBN Nahmir with 25.1 million views, and a good ER30 of 1.5x:


Total Views: almost 1.2 billion

Primary Source of Views: Facebook at almost 1.2 billion

V30: 49.1 million

ER30: 1.4x

Key Trend/Video: First Media owns this publisher which specializes in DIY, crafts, hacks, tips/tricks, and even a few family-friendly bits of content. For the most part, though, it’s all those hacks and fixes Blossom’s viewers are addicted to. And by addicted, I mean addicted. The publisher boasts the highest average 30-day view count of all September’s creators by a long shot, sitting pretty with a mind-boggling V30 49.1 million. This figure can likely be attributed to Blossom’s low upload count (only 28 videos uploaded in September, compared to, for example, UNILAD’s 976). Fewer videos means audiences could be anticipating when the next one is coming out, and are ready to watch it and share it when it goes live. All this audience dedication came to a head in one video in particular, which featured simple life hacks for the everyday woman and pulled in an astounding 285 million views, a V30 of 265 million, and an ER30 of 1.2x. This clip was also the most-watched one across all creators (even those not in the top ten!) in the month of September in the entire world.

Top Ten Most-Watched Cross-Platform Creators September 2017

  1. UNILAD (3.3B Views)
  2. LADbible (3.1B Views)
  3. VT (Viral Thread) (2.6B Views)
  4. 9GAG (2.3B Views)
  5. 5-Minute Crafts (1.7B Views)
  6. The Dodo (1.5B Views)
  7. Badabun (1.5B Views)
  8. T-Series (1.3B Views)
  9. Worldstar Hip Hop (1.3B Views)
  10. Blossom (1.2B Views)

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