How to Build a Top-Notch YouTube Commerce Strategy that Drives Sales

How to Build a Top-Notch YouTube Commerce Strategy that Drives Sales

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While many retailers and brands have built a strong presence on YouTube, there are some that stand out because they understand and embrace the fact that video marketing forms a significant part of their whole digital strategy. One of the video commerce panels at the Video Summit back in July was titled, “Building a Top-Notch YouTube Presence,” led with two very successful case studies from Cisco and Orabrush and we learnt some invaluable inside knowledge from all three about maximizing YouTube video marketing with a specific focus on sales and lead generation.

Cisco’s Top 10 YouTube Marketing Tips For eCommerce

Leslie Drate, Social Media Manager at Cisco kicked off the panel with her tips for getting the most out of your video marketing strategy, a policy they follow closely in-house. Cisco make 1500 videos a year, so they need to know exactly what works. Their most popular videos according to views are product led. Leslie took the audience through her top tips for YouTube:

1. Understand your audience before you begin the production process. Is there a demand for extra information that a video can provide? If so, what is the purpose of your video and what is going to be your main Call To Action?

2. The cost of the video isn’t important, it’s whether the video is right for the customer at that point in the buying lifecycle. You can make a video on a lower budget and get more conversions if you aim it right. Remember that many viewers watch to find out further information so costs should be spent elsewhere if that’s what it takes to boost revenue and sales. Cisco’s 15 most watched videos were also their cheapest to produce.

3. Don’t just post to YouTube. Video is an asset so think about all of the other sites you can use to distribute like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Repost with a different title, thumbnail after a few weeks – keep promoting it.

4. Different types of video styles will appeal to different types of audience, depending on what that audience wants. Think about what your video is aiming for and go for the right style. Case study videos are great for giving the customer more information about your product while advert style videos are great for building brand awareness.

5. The length of the video is crucial! For YouTube, 60 to 90 seconds is the optimal time frame but remember to include your message in the first 15 or so seconds. On site, Cisco have found that 4 minutes is a good length for data driven video content, whereas a brand overview lasts for about 1 minute.

6. Video downloads are not confined to working hours. 50% occur on the weekends so post your videos when your audience are online.

video downloads

7. Use annotations! They are free and CTR can be up to 20% depending on the Call To Action you are using

8. Pick the best thumbnail – they act as mini marketing posters for your video and can really boost CTR

9. Viral video is a myth! It probably wont happen for your ecommerce video with a significant financial investment so settle on an achievable metric that you know is bringing you the best ROI. Cisco aim for around 25,000 views per video – any more needs a budget.

10. Optimise your videos for search – titles, descriptions and tags.

OraBrush: Video Marketing Built Our Multi-Million Dollar Company

Video really can be used for everything and Orabrush proves that. Abe Niederhauser, Marketing Manager for the brand he stated that the company became successful through YouTube marketing alone after traditional methods failed and now have 191,000 subscribers and 70 Million video views. Video proved the perfect vehicle for them because it gave the company a chance to explain the product and educate the audience and did so in such a way that it captured the public’s imagination. They sold $1,000,000 worth of Orabrush products in the first year of their video marketing campaign.

Niederhauser confirmed that video marketing is so crucial to the success of the brand that they bought 11 million of the 18 million views this video received:

The fact that they bought views comes as a surprise to many but it also means that viral success ican be replicated – and they did this with the video for Orapup.  They ran a campaign via Indiegogo to test the market and raise some initial funds which led to about $1,000,000 worth of pre-orders. To build an online presence for the new brand, Orabrush tested different video styles, annotations, thumbnails etc so see what worked. They also tracked daily revenue against ad spend and quickly saw more income than outgoings. They also found that working with other prominent YouTubers made a huge difference in terms of visibility and cross promotion. They have sold $2 Million worth of Orapup products to date.

Orapup ad spend

If you’d like to see more videos from the Video Commerce Summit, a playlist awaits.

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