How To Keep Your Top Fans on YouTube in Sync with Google+

How To Keep Your Top Fans on YouTube in Sync with Google+

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If you’ve started using YouTube’s ‘Top Fans’ feature then you’ll know how easy it is to make a circle on Google + to include those top fans. Doing this allows you to interact with each of them directly which is an excellent way to engage with them, or for them to engage with each other. However, once that circle has been created, it doesn’t update automatically as new top fans are added to your collection. In this week’s Creator’s Tip we are going to show you how to update that circle manually as new people start finding your channel:

To find your top fans, click on Video Manager within YouTube and select ‘Fans’ from the ‘Community’ menu. This will give you access to your top fan data which you can sort by engagement, and by oldest and newest subscribers.

top fans youtubeIf you look on the right hand side you’ll be able to see who has already been added to your Top Fans Google + circle because there will be a little symbol next to the ‘subscribed since’ date. If that symbol is missing, that fan isn’t yet part of your dedicated circle so you’ll need to add them.

Insights Into The Behaviour Of Your Top Fans

Before we show you how to do that we want to give you a little bit more info about this area of the Community section. If you click on ‘Insights’ in the left hand menu column, it will give you even more data on the fans with your circle (or any other circle for that matter) and the recent activity connected to your YouTube channel. You will see how the people you have in your circles are interacting with others in Google + (although we’re not just how accurate this info is). The great thing about this page is that you can create a Google Hangout with your fans as well as upload a private video just for those top engagers. This is a great way of showing them some exclusive content or posting a thank you video or showing them footage of a new service or product that you’d love some feedback on.

youtube fans insightsBack to the subject in hand. To add new top fans to your dedicated circle, click on ‘X new suggestions for this circle’ in the top right hand corner of the Insights page. Click on ‘view’ and this will take you through to a new page that shows you all the new top fans you have acquired that haven’t yet been included in your circle. If you want to add them all, just click ‘Add to Circle’ in the top right hand corner, which will highlight all profiles, and then click on OK to add them.

Congratulations to the new 449 members of the ReelSEO Top Fans circle!

What Happens When A Top Fan Stops Becoming A Top Fan?

There is a drawback to this method and that is there is no way to remove people who are no longer engaging with your channel to the extent they once were. YouTube will keep showing you new fans, but won’t show you who should no longer be considered. Hopefully YouTube will make this a feature soon so creators can keep on top of the info.

Don’t forget to interact and engage with your top fans because these are the people that are liking your stuff, that are commenting on and sharing your content. Lets us know how you are fostering your relationship with your top fans in the comments below.

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