Whether or not you’re ready for it, Thanksgiving is in just a few days (in America, at least). This means it’s time to check in on the top Facebook publishers from the month of October, and see how well they did in terms of overall views, average 30-day view counts (V30), and average 30-day engagement rates (ER30). Last month, Facebook users generated a massive 18.9 billion total video views across the top ten publishers’ accounts. This number is even more impressive considering it’s a whopping 4.2 billion views higher than September’s count!

I could speculate for a while about why October’s publishers, who each claimed at least one billion views each, pulled in so many more views compared to September. For example, it could be because as the days get colder, people are spending more time indoors with their digital devices, opening up Facebook and checking out the latest videos. No matter the reason, though, thanks to exclusive data from Tubular, we can see which publishers ended up in the top ten for October and try to uncover why they did so well in terms of views. Let’s check it out:

Top Ten Facebook Publishers October 2017

Top 10 Most Watched Facebook Video Publishers October 2017 (Data via Tubular) Rankings include only those creators and brands which publish primarily original content.

Entertainment Publishers Tower Above All Others in October

Over the past year, we’ve seen the UK’s viral video and entertainment publishers UNILAD and LADbible consistently top Tubular’s Facebook leaderboard. While this is still the case for the month of October, it appears another publisher is starting to prove its worth at generating billions of views nearly equivalent to those of UNILAD and LADbible. Unsurprisingly, this publisher also specializes in distributing viral content (it’s also from the UK, but that’s irrelevant, just an interesting coincidence). So which creator is it? The Jungle Creations brand VT (previously Viral Thread). Together, these three publishers claimed the top spots in October, not a single one budging from the same positions they held in September.

UNILAD boasted the most views of all publishers across Facebook in the month of October with nearly 3.5 billion total views. This stat is a 200 million increase over its views from September; the UK viral video publisher also bumped its V30 from 4.8 million to 4.9 million. Mimicking its fellow viral publisher, LADbible also increased its view count by 200 million over September to hit almost 3.3 billion total views last month. Coming in third was VT with roughly 2.5 billion views.

A quick search using Tubular’s video intelligence software reveals the common theme behind most of the top ten clips from each of these three publishers were relatable or funny human interest stories. Videos about the worst parallel parking ever all the way to a segment about how to stop bullying dominated the most-watched clips from UNILAD, LADbible, and VT in October. But the snippet with the most views from these three publishers hailed from LADbible. The surprisingly long video (just over five minutes) generated 97 million views and featured a chiropractor fixing a young man’s pain and curved spine with a miraculous back crack.

The publisher who placed fourth in October has become one of the biggest success stories on Tubular’s Facebook leaderboard. Over the last few months, Mexican media and entertainment network Badabun has repeatedly improved its position on the charts, starting at #10 in August and jumping five whole spots in September to place fifth. Now, thanks to nearly 1.9 billion total views in October (a solid 600 million more than the previous month), Badabun moved up yet another spot to #4. The network also increased its V30 by an astounding 800k to hit 2.6 million! Like those brands we’ve already examined above, Badabun’s audience seems to prefer human interest videos as well as those featuring celebrities; its top clip from October, for example, saw 26.6 million views and highlights ten stars who live humbly despite their fame.

As if the top four publishers in October weren’t impressive enough with their stats, now we run across NTD Life, the New York-based brand which distributes viral entertainment with a human interest bent (clearly, Facebook users have a thing for viral content which makes them feel good!). This publisher jumped four whole positions to claim October’s fifth spot with just over 1.8 billion views. NTD Life’s top clip at 160 million views featured side-by-side shots of a girl getting a flu shot when she was young and then again as a teenager, a comparison viewers obviously couldn’t stop watching:

Food Content Works Its Way Back onto the Leaderboard, Just in Time for the Holidays

October’s publishers seemed very aware of the type of content their audiences wanted to see, as five of the top ten brands held their exact same positions from September. We already noted UNILAD, LADbible, and VT stayed in spots #1, 2, and 3, respectively. The next publisher boasting steady viewership numbers is viral video brand 9GAG, which maintained its #6 position with more than 1.4 billion total views. Finally, we have 5-Minute Crafts, which stayed solidly at #7 in October with just over 1.3 billion total views. Both 9GAG and 5-Minute Crafts saw the same increase in their views over September as UNILAD and LADbible, roughly 200 million more per publisher. This coincidence is uncanny, but definitely helps explain why all these publishers did not lose ground to other brands on the leaderboard this month.

The most interesting aspect about October’s leaderboard, however, is the apparent resurgence of interest in culinary-based publishers. Food is always a popular topic for videos on Facebook, with brands like Food Network and Buzzfeed’s Tasty appearing on the leaderboards off and on ever since the charts’ inception. Such was the case in October, as both Food Network and Tasty increased their rankings to claim the final two positions on the leaderboard. Both of these publishers boasted just over 1 billion views each, which caused Food Network to jump one position and Tasty to increase its position by a good six spots. Tasty also boasted October’s highest V30 of 9.3 million, an honor we can likely attribute to the re-watchability and shareability of the publisher’s informative content, like that of its top clip from October with 43.3 million views:

Finally, because no leaderboard analysis could really be complete without at least one animal-centric publisher (like viral content, creatures are all the rage on Facebook), we come to The Dodo. Owned by Group Nine Media, this brand hit almost 1.2 billion total video views last month, and also claimed the highest ER30 of all publishers at 1.5x. The Dodo routinely boasts the highest ER30, probably because of how animals tend to strike a personal chord with viewers, causing them to react to and interact with the publisher’s content on a regular basis. In October, for example, The Dodo’s audience engaged the most with a clip featuring a mother bear giving her cubs a ride across a lake; this video claimed a generous ER30 of 2.8x, a good 1.8x higher than the average engagement across most videos for this publisher!

Overall, the majority of publishers on this month’s chart either improved or maintained their positions. If there’s any lesson to be learned from October’s publishers, it’s that the value of maintaining your standing shouldn’t be overlooked, as it means your brand has the attention of your audience. While improving rankings is always good, it’s better to maintain your video strategy and continue doing what’s working instead of repeatedly losing views and engagement.

Most Watched Facebook Publishers October 2017

  1. UNILAD (3.5B Views)
  2. LADbible (3.3B Views)
  3. Viral Thread (2.5B Views)
  4. Badabun (1.9B Views)
  5. NTD Life (1.8B Views)
  6. 9GAG (1.4B Views)
  7. 5-Minute Crafts (1.3B Views)
  8. The DoDo (1.2B Views)
  9. Food Network (1B Views)
  10. Tasty (1B Views)

Tubular Video Ratings

You’ll notice some exclusive data in this month’s chart as we include Tubular Video Ratings, a unique group of online video metrics that set the standard for measurement of views and engagements across videos and publishers. They include a simplified first 30-day engagement rating (ER30) and first 30-day views (V30), and more information can be found here.

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