Top 500 Non-Entertainment Brands Worth 722M YouTube Views Monthly

Top 500 Non-Entertainment Brands Worth 722M YouTube Views Monthly

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OpenSlate put out the Top Brands 2014 report that looks at the top 500 brands on YouTube, excluding the entertainment industry as they are geared toward creating and distributing media. The report takes a look at how they are doing, what kind of views they are getting and which verticals are most represented. Come find out which industry has only ten of the top 500 spots, but totals the most subscribers per channel.

According to the OpenSlate report, the top 500 non-entertainment brands net 722 million monthly views, which averages out to about 1.4M per channel. They also carry around 41 million subscribers giving the average at 82,000 per channel. That means they have more than doubled their subscriber base in the last 12 months.

YouTube Views By Industry

Technology has the most brands in the top 500 with 131 tech channels, Google owns 24 of them. Samsung has 16 channels and the main Samsung channel has over 800,000 subscribers.

Retail has over 100 brands in the list, Automotive around 75 and consumer goods in the 65-70 range. From there the others trail off to less than 30 each. Education has the fewest top 500 brands.

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The Top 5, based on number of subscribers, from each brand account for at least 50% of each measured category. It is no surprise that Google is number one in tech, and number five with Google Chrome. Nike tops retail, Budweiser tops alcohol, Audi automotive, Red Bull food & bev and BK restaurants. There are some surprises in the top five like SpaceX and Lockheed Martin in business & finance, and Westjet in travel & tourism.

YouTube Views By Audience

Even more surprising is the fact that Education, the category with the lowest number of brands in the top five, has he highest average subscribers per channel at over 300,000. TED Talks has something to do with that as they alone have 2.2M, that puts them third overall.

However, Education falls to the middle of the pack in terms of average monthly views with about 1.25M per channel. Meanwhile, Food & Beverage, who ranked second in subs per channel, is on top with over 4M views per channel on average. They also greatly expanded the views per video over last year when it was just about 175,000 per. In 2014 it jumped to almost 400,000 views per video, dominating the landscape.

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YouTube Marketing

They conducted a survey of 313 online media planners and buyers in March 2014 to find out what the future holds in terms of YouTuber marketing budget. 41% planned to increase their YouTube spend in the next 12 months. Additionally, YouTube media buyers were 49% more likely to claim that their online video dollars were transitioning from traditional TV budgets.

On average, it takes about 200 views to create a subscriber. That varies greatly by category as education was near nothing while alcohol approached 1,400. However, that’s not really a priority said a recent survey that showed just 20% used subscriber growth as a KPI for media buying on YouTube.

They are also repurposing a lot of content as only 13% “often” create content specifically for YouTube marketing. That 13% is also twice as likely to spend more in the next 12 months on YouTube. In fact, one-third “always” repurpose TV commercials, with restaurants leading the charge at over 50% of content and business & finance coming in at 45%. Education, the one with all the subscribers, only has about 10% of their content being repurposed from TV.

Education, by the way, also has a massive per video duration versus everyone else. They are close to 20 minutes while the next closest is just 5 minutes. Restaurants and business & finance are in the sub-two-minute range.

Education seems to have a clear idea of what they are doing and how they want to proceed. I imagine that given the nature of their content, in that it’s inherently…educational, people are more likely to want to know when something new is published because the content itself has more value to them than say, repurposed TV ads.

So there’s the take away I think, if you repurpose TV ads, you might have a lot of views, but people won’t really connect or subscribe. However, with high value content, you can rapidly gain subscribers and do well on the number of views. Education saw some pretty large growth in terms of average views per video over the past 12 months. I imagine there is a case study in there that could really help some brands get on the right track with their YouTube marketing.

TED talk openslate stats

The SlateScore is on a scale from 1-1000 with higher being better. Scores of 500 or higher are in the top 7% of all channels in OpenSlate. Engagement, Consistency and Influence are calculated on a a scale of 1-10 with higher being better.

The report can be downloaded here.


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