Top Branded Vines Of The Week: November 14th 2013

Top Branded Vines Of The Week: November 14th 2013

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It’s that time of the week again where we take a look at some of the best branded Vines from the last 7 days. We’re kind of in-between holidays at the moment (expect to see some Thanksgiving/Black Friday ones in the mix next week) but there’s still some very inventive content about. Target, on their game as usual, released a very simple but lovely little apple makeover, HP showed us that multi-tasking is totally achievable if you have a couple of spare sets of arms and Disney has some fun, although the subject of their Vine? Not so much. Thank you to the team at Unruly for their suggestions.

1. Target

Oh Target Vines, how we love thee. For the umpteenth week in a row the retail brand get it absolutely right as they turn an average apple into a scrummy autumnal treat.

2. Disney Parks

We’ve no idea what this little wooden artist’s model is trying to do but he looks awfully defeated that he hasn’t managed it. C’mon Disney, lighten up.

3. Axe

Vine superstar David Lopez and toiletries brand Axe team up to create this amusing 6 second morning routine. Nasty shower curtain though.

4. Hewlett Packard

HP show us the true meaning of multi-tasking in the latest installment of their #windows8 Vine series. We are forced to deduct some points because she didn’t even attempt to read that book!

5. Samsung Mobile

Samsung de-construct the Galaxy S4 before our very eyes. The team had just 6 seconds to do this and look how much they have packed in!

6. Puma

Love, love, love this one from Puma. Not for the sneakers which shouldn’t be worn by anyone over the age of 21 but because they use the hashtag #choochoo.


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