Top 9 Things I Learned From the Industry Track at VidCon 2015

Top 9 Things I Learned From the Industry Track at VidCon 2015

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The Industry track at VidCon has completed and what a great job done again this year. I can’t praise Jim Louderback and the team enough for their work with the way it was handled this year. Friday’s rapid fire 20 minute panels were a flurry of valuable information.

I’ve heard nothing but good things from those at the conference, but before I head past the protest lines (yes, apparently VidCon has protestors this year), I’ll leave you with the top takeaways from the Industry panels this year.

Top 9 Takeaways from VidCon 2015

#1 Facebook is not a great place to make money (yet): But it is a great place to drive massive amounts of traffic. YouTubers like Philip DeFranco are uploading video snippets to then drive viewers off-site. Check out the end-slate for the video deFranco uploaded on the 24th July. Although the links aren’t clickable, the URLs are fairly easy to remember, and for added measure, although he has uploaded the video natively to facebook, he has branded it with his YouTube channel name throughout.

native facebook uploaded video optimization

#2 When posting to Facebook, use a mobile device and not your desktop. This adds credibility to the fact you aren’t a machine, especially if you are posting the 80+ recommended times a day to effectively capture your audience.

#3 Growing your social audience is an evolution. While there is something to be said for being on every platform, stick to the one that works best for your type of content and grow your audience first before you branch out to other platforms.

#4 More Internet content is created every 2 days than in the whole of human history prior to 2003. With that sea of content to swim through, curation plays a vital role in a media strategy and one of the processes that still cannot be effectively replaced by an algorithm. Find and promote similar content to help your audience find what they need.

#5 It’s never too late to change a thumbnail on your video, especially on YouTube. Trying out different things does not impact your search ranking directly, but it can lead to greater click rates. Jeremy Vest from VidPow recommends TubeBuddy as the best tool to conduct some AB testing of different thumbnails, which he says are still critical to the success of online videos.

#6 If you have a Facebook page, change the type to something media related. Gavin McGarry from Jumpwire Media says that this subtle change will help you better in discovery, as Facebook is currently emphasizing media content.


#7 Watch time is still the single strongest indicator of video enjoyment on YouTube and will reward you the greatest in search. Watch time has two components, video and session length. The longer each are, the better you will be rewarded with more visibility on the site.

#8 Traditional SEO is dying. That’s why it’s increasingly important to optimize your content and your site for the human experience, and not the machines.

#9 If you are working with an influencer on an ad campaign, trust them and stay out of their way. You should know them and their content enough to give them creative freedom with their promotion of your product or you shouldn’t be working with them.

EXTRAS!! VidCon 2015: ReelSEO Presentations/Slides

Both ReelSEO founder Mark Robertson, or ReelSEO writer Greg Jarboe presented sessions at VidCon 2015. You can view their slides on Optimizing Video Embeds and Convert More Viewers Into Paying Customers here:


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