44 Percent of comScore Top 50 Web Properties Have Major Video Presence

44 Percent of comScore Top 50 Web Properties Have Major Video Presence

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So I got the comScore Media Metrix, which is the top fifty web properties in the US and I thought, “Gee, it could be cool to see just how many of them are video focused.” So I went to work, and here are the results of that.Right from the report:

Google Sites ranked as the #1 property in October with 180.8 million visitors, followed by Yahoo! Sites with 179.6 million and Microsoft Sites with 170.6 million. Facebook.com ranked #4 with 151.1 million visitors, the first time it has surpassed the 150 million visitor threshold. WordPress climbed 6 positions in the ranking to #33 with 31.0 million visitors, while LinkedIn.com grabbed a spot in the top 50 with 25.2 million visitors.

Now if we were to compare that to the top online video sites we would find that Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft, and Facebook are all in the top ten on that list as well. But what about the rest of them?

comScore Top 50 Web Properties With Video

I’ve highlighted video-centric or video-focused sites below. Granted some are mixed, like Google, due to the way comScore groups them, but we know some are video heavy regardless.

The key:

  • Video-centric or video heavy = red
  • Some video or some sites with video = orange
  • Not all that video centric or focused = Black
RankPropertyUniques (000)RankPropertyUniques (000)
Total Internet : Total Audience =212,788
1Google Sites180,83926Weather Channel37,703
2Yahoo! Sites179,62627Federated Media36,819
3Microsoft Sites170,56128YellowBook36,572
4FACEBOOK.COM151,12629Adobe Sites36,077
5AOL, Inc.110,02630Wal-Mart35,963
6Ask Network90,03931Break Media34,297
7Turner Digital84,38332iVillage Womens Network33,819
8Glam Media83,84033WordPress30,975
9CBS Interactive82,63534WeatherBug30,076
10Viacom Digital81,61035AT&T Interactive29,894
11Amazon Sites80,33036Disney Online*29,148
12Wikimedia Foundation79,63537Superpages.com28,958
13New York Times75,54738Mozilla28,808
14Fox Interactive74,31239Tribune Interactive *
15Apple Inc.*71,83940Target Corporation27,569
16eBay67,11941Everyday Health27,478
17Demand Media62,72742Verizon Communications26,699
18VEVO55,12943Alloy Digital Network *26,332
19craigslist, inc.51,34944NBC Universal26,306
20Answers.com Sites50,47145LINKEDIN.COM25,181
21Comcast Corporation45,92546TWITTER.COM25,125
22ESPN42,74447Photobucket.com LLC *
23Technorati Media41,16248The Washington Post24,889
24NetShelter Technology40,99449Conde Nast Digital24,716
25Gannett Sites38,14250NFL Internet Group24,690
  • Apple – If you take into account the amount of traffic on iTunes for video, they might be quite a major player.
  • Photobucket – Offers Video sharing as well as photos.
  • Alloy Digital – Run Alloy TV, own Vampire diaries, Gossip Girl and other video properties.
  • Tribune – Owns WGN
  • Disney Online – Just getting into video-on-demand via Disney Movies Online

Now this is not extremely scientific. I did not really draw a line. I simply thought it would be cool to see how many of the top fifty have embraced video.

  • 14 sites are very video-focused 28%
  • 22 sites have an easily noticeable video usage (44%)

Of the 14 video-focused sites:

  • 7 are TV/cable broadcasters (14%)
  • 3 are search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft Bing)
  • Hulu is not in the list, but NBCU and FOX are.
  • The NFL is the only sports league

So, 44% of the top 50 web properties are either video-centric, or have a very real video presence. That’s not too shabby and, since many are content providers, means there’s lot of places for advertising to be done in video. Then again, many of them are major broadcasters and already have massive advertising contracts in place.


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