Top Websites for Camcorder Reviews and Info

Top Websites for Camcorder Reviews and Info

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The purchase of consumer and professional video equipment for many is an investment and it is important to do research in order to determine which camcorder is right for your needs. There are many different recording formats and media that are supported by various brands, high-definition versus standard definition, etc… There are many choices.

Manufacturer reviews can’t be trusted as the only source as they are full of praise for their equipment and highlight the best available features of their equipment, but never tell you anything about the draw backs of their equipment. At this crucial juncture the only help available to the people like us is from the review sites, where people like you and me, who are the actual users of the video equipment, publish their opinions and review the product for the benefit for the people like us. There are many sites available on the net who regularly publish the consumer reviews, both editorial reviews and consumer reviews, on the latest video equipments in the market. For the benefit of our readers we are giving below some of the good sites related to camcorder information.

Sites for Camcorder reviews and information:

camcorder info

The #1 site for camcorder reviews, is CamcorderInfo.
Here you will find less advertisement and more information and reviews about all top brands of camcorders available in the market. This site will provide you all of the vital information on any camcorder available in the market. Each review on their site features a standard 22-point analysis that considers the camcorder’s video performance, low light performance, handling, ease of use, and other key areas. In addition to its informative news pieces, CamcorderInfo offers tips and information for aspiring filmmakers, editing and production tutorials, and a great blog all about the online video industry. Interesting enough, I did not know it, but they were kind enough to mention ReelSEO in their list of “top 10 online video websites.” Thanks Karen Cheung.

Second in the line up is Cnet is also a good site as the reviews of camcorders and cameras. The pages of this site do have advertisements and video links but you will find here lots and lots of product reviews for the camcorder and other video equipment.

VideoMaker Magazine
has a great review section on their website where they review camcorders, lighting equipment and all sorts of other video equipment. In fact, they have camcorder buyer guides and comparison guides as well. Here is a link to their “HD Camcorder Buyer’s Guide.

Camcorder HQ offers unbiased opinions, reviews, advice, and pricing on the latest and greatest camcorders. They have camcorder reviews from actual owners and a variety of prices from merchants and stores across the web.

pc world
PCWorld Magazine
has a good amount of reviews, side by side comparisons, pricing comparisons, user reviews, and offers a comparison of the various sources that you can purchase the camera for.

Other sites for reviews, customer ratings, pricing comparisons, and more:

  • The and are 2 good sites available on the net. They also provide you with the reviews of the consumers for the camcorders.
  • At EOpinions, you can find information and the reviews for professional video equipment.
  • EBay –, the site is quite famous for its ecommerce activities but at the same time it offers the product reviews also, you choose the product, read the reviews and if it appeals you then you can buy it here.
  • Other one is Provides good, quality information on professional video equipment with quality reviews and analysis of the products.
  • Dealtime offers product reviews and pricing comparisons.


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