Top 5 Branded Video Campaigns Q1 2014

Top 5 Branded Video Campaigns Q1 2014

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Branded video had a lot of momentum coming out of Q4 2013 where it had the most views ever in its history with over 2.5B. While Q1 2014 was a bit more sedate, even with three major sports events in the quarter, it is still going fairly strong. Now before you peak inside, what branded video do you think was the most popular in the quarter? Here’s a hint, it’s only a month old, and did not have much branding in it at all.

Visible Measures runs down the branded video campaign numbers every quarter and do a great job of presenting them as well. If you are looking for overall first quarter numbers then you need to take a peek at the other article I wrote today.

Top 5 Video Marketing Campaigns Q1 2014

Coming in the top spot with just under 94 million views for the quarter was the unbranded, branded video First Kiss, which has since seen loads of user-generated content spinning off of it. Not bad considering it was released on March 10th, only weeks before the quarter ended. The brand was Wren and the video was done in house. Talk about getting big bang for the buck, even Jimmy Fallon was spoofing the video. Prepare for the cuteness of First Lick which itself got over 1M views.

Puppies, and kittens, are big business in online video and so it is no surprise that second place was Puppy Love from Budweiser done by Anomaly. What it has to do with Budweiser is anyone’s guess really. It’s garnered over 54 million views for the brand though.

Third and fourth place both went to 5-hour Energy. Amazing since caffeine does not quite bring focus to anything as far as I am concerned. They even admit it themselves:

Provides a boost of energy and feeling of heightened alertness*

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

So there is no data to suggest that 4-hour Energy actually boosts energy or heightened alertness. On top of that, it says “a feeling of” which means, not actual heightened awareness. Regardless, their videos are popular though I cannot imagine why. Almost seems like false advertising to me “5-hour Energy is focus” is what the first video says.

The second campaign started last year and has carried momentum into 2014. It is centered on the 5hourENERGY YouTube Channel which, “Helps recognizes AMAZING people who, despite their own challenges, give their time and energy to make the lives of others better.” And that translates into an energy drink I guess.

Fifth place goes to Dumb Ways to Die from Melbourne Metro Trains done by McCann in Melbourne. It pulled down almost 32M views in the quarter. The campaign started last year with the first upload and the channel has been pushing out a video now and again to the YouTube channel DumbWays2Die including

April Fool’s

Valentine’s Day

q1 2014 top 5 branded campaignsThe full report can be downloaded here.


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