The Top 20 Social Video Ad Campaigns for October 2012: Redbull, GoPro, Coke, LG, and More…

The Top 20 Social Video Ad Campaigns for October 2012: Redbull, GoPro, Coke, LG, and More…

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This month’s video ads chart, from Unruly Media, should come with a health warning. Daredevils skydiving from space, headless magicians, and crumbling elevator floors – October was not a month for the faint of heart.

Recent research has found that the secret to social video success is creating content that elicits the strongest emotions from its viewers. Well, in October those levels were turned up to 11 as advertisers from a range of different verticals released a stack of action-packed, adrenalin-charged videos that set pulses racing across the web.

#1 Most Shared Social Video Ad – Coke Zero’s “Unlock the 007”

Leading the charge is Coke Zero’s Unlock the 007 in You. Now, most men have dreamt of being James Bond.  The girls, the guns, the, err, Martinis – the chance to spend a day in 007’s shoes is a chance of a lifetime. So when some wannabe Bonds were given a licence to thrill – even it is was for just 70 seconds – unsurprisingly, they grasped it with both hands. Bond’s latest mission involved running through Antwerp train station from one vending machine to another. OK, it’s not exactly parachuting with The Queen, but that’s probably why he left it to members of the public to be his ‘double Zero’ agents.

However, it is not as easy as it sounds. Dog walkers suddenly become dangerous assassins and fruit stalls become ambushes as the volunteer agents dodge through commuters and leap over luggage in an adrenaline-fuelled race against the clock. Admittedly, the action is more Some Mothers Do Have Them than Skyfall, but the result is an ad guaranteed to make you smile, packing in more charm, exhilaration and humour than your average Roger Moore caper. Launched in the build-up to the release of Skyfall, the ad soon raced up the global ads chart, racking up over 790,000 shares last month, making it the most shared during October. For Coke Zero and agency Duval Guillaume Modem, it’s mission accomplished!

Following closely in 007’s footsteps is another action-packed ad from GoPro. The idea of jumping off the top of a mountain with only a flimsy parachute between you and a messy death may not hold much appeal for the average person. But thanks to the camera company, who has an army of crazy adrenalin junkies willing to film themselves risking life and limb for our entertainment, we get to experience just what it is like – without any of the impending doom.

The video, which promotes GoPro’s new Hero3: Black Edition camera, has also enjoyed a thrilling a ride at the top of the Unruly Global Ads Chart, attracting just 9,000 shares fewer than Coke Zero’s Bond spot.

The action certainly does not stop there. In third place is a video featuring cycling legend Martyn Ashton, in which he redefines what is possible on a mountain bike by putting the Pinarello Dogma 2 – one of the bikes from his own range, Ashton Cycles – through its paces. The resulting clip is simply mesmerising, unsurprisingly earning the cycling magician more than 556,000 shares last month.

Most Concurrent Views EVER – Redbull’s Spacediving Video

Of course, during October (or this century, for that matter) nobody set more pulses racing more than Felix Baumgartner.

The 43-year-old Austrian daredevil  set all kinds of world records tumbling when he became the first skydiver to reach the speed of sound after jumping out a hot air balloon 24 miles above the surface of the Earth. The stunt etched Baumgartner into the annals of history – but was also a huge marketing win for sponsors Red Bull.

The energy drink brand also put themselves in the record books, when the live stream of the incredible stunt attracted 8 million concurrent views on YouTube, the highest ever in the Google-owned site’s history.

The video was also shared over 700,000 times across Facebook, Twitter and the blogosphere during the few days it was live, which would have put it third in October’s chart. The highlights of the famous jump and a CGI re-enactment, however, did make it on to the top 20 (4th and 15th respectively).

LG also put people on the edge of their seats in their hilarious experiential campaign So Real, It’s Scary, which put unsuspecting victims centre stage for an elaborate prank involving an elevator and LG’s latest TV screens.

In order to demonstrate just out how lifelike their new IPS screens are they installed them into the floor of an elevator. Filmed on hidden cameras, we then witness poor members of the public put through an ordeal that would turn even the hardiest of souls into a weeping ball of jelly. First, the lift lights flicker. Then the floor tiles suddenly appear to suddenly fall away, complete with sound effects, revealing an endless lift shaft below. The sight of seeing the poor victims hop from tile to tile or cling on to the railing as they see their lives flash before their eyes certainly got the web laughing last month. The ad attracted 370,482 during October, putting it in seventh spot.

Other new ads to make it on to the top 20 are Activision’s celeb-studded, action-packed trailer for the most eagerly-awaited videogame of the year, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, a brilliant Mind Reader ad for the Belgian Financial Federation, Febelfin, and a slightly pretentious ad from Chanel called There You Are, which stars Brad Pitt.

The Top 20 Social Video Ad Campaigns for October 2012:

  1. Coke Zero – Unlock the 007 in you. You have 70 seconds – Shares: 790,556
  2. GoPro – Hero3: Black Edition – Smaller, Lighter and 2X More Powerful – Shares: 781,923
  3. Ashton Bikes – Road Bike Party – Shares: 556,971
  4. Red Bull – Felix Baumgartner’s supersonic freefall from 128K – Mission Highlights – Shares: 531,235
  5. Chanel – There you are (featuring Brad Pitt) – Shares: 401,422
  6. Samsung Mobile: Introducing Samsung Galaxy Note II – Shares: 375,885
  7. LG: So Real, It’s Scary – Shares: 370,482
  8. Activision: Call of Duty – Black Ops 2 (Surprise) – Shares: 254,989
  9. Obama for America:  LGBT Americans for Obama – Shares: 181,873
  10. Orapup: Dogs in Slow Motion – Shares: 171,966
  11. Febelfin: Mind Reader – Shares: 159,063
  12. Obama for America: Big Bird – Shares: 151,288
  13. Abercrombie & Fitch: Call Me Maybe – Shares: 125,348
  14. Obama for America: Your First Time (Lena Durham) – Shares: 123,829
  15. Red Bull: Supersonic  Freefall  CGI version – Shares: 114,542
  16. Blendtec: iPhone 5 v Galaxy S3 – Shares: 113,546
  17. Red Bull: Human-Powered Freerunning Machine, with Jason Paul – Shares: 112,546
  18. Rovio: Angry Birds Star Wars – Shares: 109,735
  19. The  Craziest Halloween Scare – Head Drop – Shares: 109,570
  20. Microsoft:  The Surface Movement – Shares: 107,940


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