Top 10 Niche Video Sharing Websites

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OnlineTV, the #1 niche video search guide, has named the Top 10 Niche Video Websites for December. Sending teams of writers and reviewers to find new niche video sites to fill their new niche video search guide, the first Top Ten Niche Video Websites have now been announced. Each site was looked at for content, niche, originality, and attention to direction and consumer traffic.

The future of web streaming on the Internet is dependent on the uptake of consumers into the new video medium. Without these new niche video websites to host and provide a guide to the consumer there will remain the hodge-podge of the majordomo video site/searches offering 9 billion videos sorted by abused user defined tags.

The websites winning the honor of Top Ten Niche Websites represent a small portion of the great tide of new niche video websites. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did.

OnlineTV Top Ten Niche Video Websites for December 07

MusicTV Share – one of the oldest social networking sites for music on the Internet and has a new must see web site. MusicTV Share is a niche video site that spans a wide variety of popular and eclectic musical genre and tastes. With original musical fare not found on YouTube or MTV.

UGA Space Where the Dawgs Come To Play – University of Georgia Athens campus video streaming. Sports parties, drunks, drinking, beer, tailgating, football, basketball, fraternity parties, sororities and all the things that make the University what it is.

JesusTV – is designed as an alternative video sharing website for Christians and the general public to find, watch and share video content and promote fun, free thinking, artistic creativity, debate and education.

Cold Blooded TV – is all about cold-blooded animals. Reptiles of all sorts. Anaconda, snakes, frogs, more frogs, albino reticulated pythons and more. This is the place for crocodiles and zombie turtles.

The University Tube – The Official Network Site for the College Video sites. See what’s happening on campuses all across the country. Portal for University Sports and activities sites.

MovieTV – has a variety of films, video, shorts and animations on a myriad of subjects. Got a movie, short or animation? Signup, login, and upload your video to get a permalink page with the video, direct link, and embeddable code. Promote or share your films the easy way!

Anime Lab – since 1999 this is the Anime archive of clips. Anime animation and video clips. A vast collection and links to other sites of anime

Teacher Tube – is to provide an online community for sharing instructional videos. Teacher tube fills a need for a more educationally focused, safe venue for teachers, schools, and home learners.

FreeWorld-TV – provides a selection of the best broadband Internet television channels from around the world. A very broad selection of sites makes this a fine destination for global television fans.

Karaoke Dance – Who would have thought? Karaoke on the Internet? Why not? Here it is the Karaoke video site that streams niche Karaoke right at you. Want to sing along? There you go.

Congratulations to these great new sites for the extended efforts to create, host and populate a website based on their niche. Video search, when related to a computer program or a search engine, is an abused term. Finding niche video will be the next important step in presenting the best consumer experience and only humans can really make a video search. The future holds a bountiful choice of niche video websites and the video search guides dedicated to get you to them.

Each of these sites and more can be found at the niche video search guide.


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