Tips for Shooting Great Video While Traveling On-The-Go [Creator’s Tip #48]

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It’s relatively easy to create great looking video when you have things that are under your control in your studio, but what about when you want to shoot video while traveling on the go?  On this week’s Creator’s Tip, Sonia Gil provides us with 6 tips and tricks that she uses to create great looking videos for her travel show on YouTube.

6 Tips for Shooting Video When Traveling

There are a lot of things to factor in when shooting outside and on the move, but here are a few tips that Sonia Gil of shared with us to help make your video a little better.

  1. Have Back-Up Gear.  At a minimum, be sure you carry a lot of batteries and SD cards with you wherever you go.
  2. Use a Boom.  Set your camera up on a boom that you can hold in your hand.  This will allow you to hold the camera in your hand to film and give you a more stable shot.
  3. Enlist the Help of Friends.  It’s helpful to have even a small crew to help carry equipment and get shots you need.
  4. Be Sensitive to the Mood of the Place.  Don’t just enter a place and start shooting footage.  When you arrive somewhere, get a feel for the place and make people feel comfortable.  You want to be able to capture a realistic feel so make it as easy as possible for the others who will be in the shot to be natural.
  5. Include Yourself in the Shot.  It’s your video so don’t forget to include yourself in the shot instead of just always taking shots of the area.
  6. Ask Permission to Shoot Video and Be Polite.  Being polite and courteous will go a long way in winning favor with local individuals.

QUESTION:  What tips do you have for shooting video while traveling or on the go?

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On this week’s Creator’s Tip video we’re going to talk with Sonia about how to shoot video on the go when you’re traveling. We’re going to talk with her
about that and more this week on Creator’s Tip.

Hey guys, my name is Tim Schmoyer and welcome to another week of Creator’s Tip where every week we just help you guys who are making online video know how
to make that stuff stand out the best and on the web. And this is Ms. Sonia Gil. What’s the name of your channel real quick?


Awesome, I love it. My wife and I used to travel a lot and then we had kids so then I kind of like just live my travels through her vlog.

Every place has a magic code. I get a kick out of finding it. I’m Sonia Gil and these are my travels.

Check it out, link is down below, but I want to talk with her real quick about tips and ideas you have for people who are creators and they are trying to
shoot video while they are traveling, constantly on the go, pick up leave and new sets. You know how do you do that with your vlogs?

Obviously it depends on the type of content that you want and the quality that you’re looking for. We carry a lot of equipment around with us period. Tons
of batteries, tons of SD cards. I would highly recommend that if you are trying to do a vlog style reporting, use a boom for your camera. A boom to set up
your camera on. So I walk around with a stick you know so that my shot is a little bit more stable.

Like a monopod type thing?

It’s like a monopod but you scroll the camera on it so you can actually hold it with your hand. So I mean look for ways that you can make your shots a
little bit more stable and that you can actually show the place a bit better. Obviously you know, more stability allows for better quality.

Do you have a crew then that comes with you it sounds like and does it?

Yeah, 100%, I have a partner in crime for my shows, Marianna Helman, she’s awesome. She’s the one that carries the big camera.

So for those people who might be traveling and they want to show what’s going on around them, do you have any other tips besides the boom thing – that’s
awesome, of how they can include people to feel like they’re kind of in the place rather than just observing the place through someone else.

Yes, and I would say, first of all, be sensitive to the mood of the place that you’re at because every place behaves differently and sometimes when you
pull out a camera everybody runs away. And you definitely don’t want to do that because you want to capture the reality of the place. So talk your way
through it first, like if you’re at a stand talk first in there, talk about the fact that you’re going to bring out a camera and then just be natural and
include yourself in the shots. That’s a way to make it personable.

When I’ve gone to Haiti several times and we shoot there, but one of the things that I’ve found, and I’m wondering if it’s true here internationally, is I
found it’s just better to just ask the people, you know. And most of them are like, yeah no problem like they love it, but just like giving them that
courtesy then they feel more natural than if you just flip out the camera, is that pretty much universal?

It’s universal. You can never be over polite. Everybody is always going to appreciate it and immediately are going to be interested in what you do and I
found that people are super friendly and willing to help you out. I’ve even had people do camera randomly on the street and they’d hold the microphone for
me cause we were trying to do something so I mean, they become your crew.

Well if you guys have any tips about traveling and shooting on the go, we’d love to hear about them. Comment below and let us know your ideas, and thanks
for hanging out with us. If this is your first time we’d love to have you subscribe, click that button up there above this video on YouTube, right up
there. We do these Creator’s Tips for you guys every week and more stuff so thanks for hanging out, we’ll see you guys next week for another Creator’s Tip
video. Bye.

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