Tips For Creating An Online Video Series For Your Business

Tips For Creating An Online Video Series For Your Business

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The verdict is in: Online videos are the new marketing method for businesses, both small and large alike.  And if you can create a series that keeps people coming back time and time again to watch the next segment, it’s even better.  (Admit it—you haven’t missed even one “Will it Blend?” video.)  But many small business owners mistakenly believe that a video series is for the big guys because it’s financially out of their reach.  So, the question is, can you afford a video series for your small business?  Probably not if you think inside the box and produce a video according to the typical standards.

But if you’re willing to think a little differently, the possibilities are endless.

Why An Online Video Series?

For decades marketers have talked about building your brand, and traditionally that meant honing your image with a solidified corporate image, consistent content and social media interactions.  But when online videos used for marketing came into the mix, everything changed.  Now, businesses are using explainer videos to help launch a company, or make their business concept clearer.  Animation videos are becoming more and more popular as business owners increasingly look for ways to make their companies stand out from the crowd.  But with so many people jumping on that bandwagon, you’ve got to ask—what’s the next big thing?

A video series is more than an explainer video in that it doesn’t simply get across your business concept, and then say goodbye to the viewer.  Instead, it builds relationships with the audience because every time they watch one of the videos in your series, they interact with and become more familiar with your company.  In addition, by putting out a series of videos, you automatically establish yourself as the expert in your field.  For instance, where do you go when you need advice about your dog?  The Dog Whisperer, of course.

Can You Afford It?

Creating online videos is just like anything else—you can do what everyone else does and pay the standard price, or you can get a little creative and cut costs in some areas.  Here are a few things that just may allow you to begin your own video series.

Only professionally produce what you can afford.

Your intro and ending are what people will remember most, and if those are professionally created, you’ll automatically have credibility in the eyes of the viewer.  Make sure that you concentrate on consistently branding your business for these segments so that your audience will recognize that the video is from your company each time they watch.  While the body of the clip won’t be produced professionally, you should still strive for perfection.  Keep the content relevant, and don’t resort to any amateurish methods, such as panning or rambling on without a script.

Pay attention to the audio.

No matter how well done your video is, if the audio is bad, people simply aren’t going to listen.  That’s good news for those on a budget because audio is less expensive to do well, but can make the difference between a watched video and one that’s not.

Don’t produce what you don’t have to.

Need a shot of a man swinging a golf club?  There’s no reason to create it from scratch—instead look online for existing video that you can use and incorporate that into your own.  It will save lots of time and money, and possibly allow you to use video that is better than you could have produced on your own.

Write you own script.

You should never just wing it when filming a video, but a script can be expensive—especially for the things like explainer videos where the writer will have to thoroughly research your company.  But if you’re on a very tight budget, consider writing your own script, and then hiring an experienced writer to improve on it.  It won’t cost as much because you will have done all of the research yourself, but you should come out with a polished script to work from.

Pace Yourself.

You don’t have to produce a video every week to create a series, and you should go into the project knowing that it will take time.  For instance, the MemphisDrumShop has over 15 million views on their videos, but they started their video series five years ago.  Set a schedule that you can afford, and then slowly and meticulously build your series.

Of course the best way to be able to afford your own video series is to have them pay for themselves.  According to Internet Retailer, visitors who view product videos are 85 percent more likely to buy than those who don’t.  That means that for every video you display on your site, your chances of increased sales improve.  Why not take into account some of the cost saving tips above and begin your own video series?  Just imagine—if you have a series of videos that talk about the benefits of your products and services, what could your potential sales be?


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