Throwback Thursday: The First Videos From YouTube’s Top Stars

Throwback Thursday: The First Videos From YouTube’s Top Stars

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The YouTube superstars of today have reached the giddy heights of stardom because they have put years and years of effort into producing outstanding, engaging content. They instinctively understand what it takes to rise head and shoulders above their peers when it comes to attracting views and subscribers and they also embrace collaboration. They make it look easy, which of course, is the hardest thing to pull off. However, we all have to start somewhere so let’s take a little look at the first videos (the one’s that haven’t already been deleted) from some of the biggest personalities on YouTube.

PewDiePie – Minecraft Multiplayer Fun / Uploaded on Oct 2, 2010 – 1,631,375 Views

So, this wasn’t his first video, (he deleted that) but it’s the first one documented on YouTube for the Swedish gaming walkthrough rockstar. 1,486 videos and 2,542,385,643 views later he has the most subscribed to channel with 13,963,838 subscribers.

iJustine – The Oatmeal Project / Uploaded on May 12, 2006 – 440,841 Views

Actress and comedian Justine Ezarik has 5 YouTube channels and a following that many big brands would cut off their right arm to have and it all started with a little video about making porridge at the office. Her prolific output won her a 2011 Webby Award for Web Personality of the Year.

Shane Dawson – Hodini’s Street Magic / Uploaded on Jun 25, 2008 – 2,375,600 Views

Shane Dawson TV is about to hit 5 Million subscribers and this is the first video that survives on YouTube. Dawson has built up a cult following around his many characters (Aunt Hilda, Ned the Nerd, Shananay) and his channel is the most 36th subscribed to on YouTube.

Epic Meal Time – Fast Food Pizza / Uploaded on Oct 17, 2010 – 4,983,383 

Epic Meal Time, brain child of Harley Morenstein, is a Canadian web series based around the creation of uber high calorie meals, generally involving bacon, always off the scale. Their making of a Fast Food Lasagna video attracted 21.2 Million views. This is the first of the bunch, and speaking as a vegetarian of 30 years even I have to admit it does looks kinda epic.

Jenna Marbles – Charles Franklin Marbles is a Sad Sad Man / Uploaded on Feb 17, 2010 – 1,376,420 Views

Jenna Marbles is the absolute definition of a YouTube rockstar. Her channel has 10,820,785 subscribers, making it the 6th most popular on the video site. Her massively entertaining “How To Trick People Into Thinking You’re Good Looking” garnered over 5.3 million views in its first week – it currently has 54,399,722 views. She has also released a brand of dogs toys called Kermie Worm & Mr. Marbles.

The Fine Bros – Burger King Safety Dance / Uploaded on Jun 4, 2007 – 380,124 Views 

This super wierdly aggressive offering is the first video from those YouTube superstars Ralph and Benny Fine. They have been creating video content since 2004 but this was their first upload (to survive). These days, they are the 22nd most subscribed to channel with 1,069,934,520 views and are most famous for the ‘React’ series.

Devinsupertramp – Fields of Africa – Canon 5D Mark II – Glidecam 4000 / Uploaded on Aug 31, 2010 – 261.870 Views 

Devin Graham, he of the insane extreme endurance videos made with partner Creighton Baird, is part of a group of Mormon adventure junkies who rig up fun but dangerous stunts to test the limits of humun endeavour. Examples of the stunts they’ve filmed include Human Slingshot Slip and Slide and the World’s Largest Rope Swing. This first video features none of those crazy escapades but shows off Graham’s impressive videography skills.

Phil de Franco – Top 10 “How to Get Out of an Argument / Uploaded on Dec 27, 2006 – 573,319 Views

DeFranco began his YouTube career as a student at East Carolina University, where he created his news, current events, sex, politics and celeb gossip focused channel sXephil. He is also responsible for the hugely successful SourceFed channel which won a Streamy for Audience Choice for Best Series of the Year in 2013. DeFranco won Best News Series for sXePhil at the same awards. Revision3 acquired all DeFranco’s online assets in a deal made earlier this year and he became the Senior VP of a new Revision3 subsidiary, Phil DeFranco Networks and Merchandise. Philly deleted a bunch of his first videos so the one below is all that remains. Warning: a bit sweary


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