The Week In Video: Popstar Cats, NFL And The First Vine Movie

The Week In Video: Popstar Cats, NFL And The First Vine Movie

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Welcome to the week in video – for the last weekend of August 2013. This week we’ve bought you news of the Maker buyout of Blip, how Pewdiepie hit the top spot at YouTube and why your Kickstarter project will fare better with a great explainer video. But what else has been going on in the online video world? We take a look at the first crowdsourced full length Vine movie pitch, how the NFL Sunday Ticket might just be coming to YouTube and why Kevin Spacey thinks television should raise its game to compete with online video content. Read on….

Could The NFL Sunday Ticket Be Coming to YouTube?

Could Google be about to break into television territory in a major way? The company have been in talks with the NFL to secure the rights to the Sunday Ticket package, which allows NFL fans to watch games outside of their local market. The subscription TV service is currently owned by DirecTV but the contract is up for renewal and Google appear to be in the bidding race for the $1 billion per season coverage.

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Read More at: MercuryNews

Kevin Spacey: Raise Your Game TV Or Lose Out To The Internet

Hollywood and Netflix star Kevin Spacey has urged the TV industry to give audiences “what they want, when they want it”. Speaking at the Edinburgh International Television Festival in Scotland on Thursday, Spacey, nominated for an Emmy for his role in ‘House of Cards’ said that viewers want control, freedom and the ability to binge watch their favourite shows, just like they can with VoD. You can see highlights from the highly entertaining speech below:

Airbnb Wants To Make A Whole Movie From 6-Second Vines

It was always a fantastically inventive idea waiting to happen and online accommodation agents Airbnb are the first off the blocks with their plans to create a full length movie made up entirely of user generated Vines. The “Hollywood and Vines” project started on the 22nd of August and runs to the 27th. Airbnb have been tweeting out shot instructions (like the one below) and creators will be compensated with $100 discounts if their shots make it to the final cut.

Read More at: Business Insider

Fox Has Already Sold 85% Of Its 2014 Super Bowl Ad Slots

USA Today are reporting that the Fox Sports Channel have already sold 85% of their Super Bowl 2014 advertising slots. Each 30 second spot is estimated to be worth around $4 million.

Read More at: USAToday

Behind The Scenes At Datalandia

We featured the GE Datalandia ad in our “Creative Approaches to Video Storytelling for Brands” post earlier this week and now we get the chance to have a peak behind the scenes. The creatives behind the ad were looking for a way to make the “industrial internet” more accessible by showing how the relationship between data and machinery works. What better way of doing this than via the world’s largest miniature train set. Fascinating.

The Week In Cat Videos

Because the internet IS cats, we are legally bound to bring you the most important kitty videos of the week. Watch these magnificently nonchalant cats give less than a damn about their musical career choice:

And, of course someone has created a cat puppet that sings along to that annoying song from Journey. Like you do:

But before we all collapse in a pile of cuteness, let’s not forget there can be a terrible dark side to those felines we love. Revision 3’s Nature Hates You Channel reminds us that cats can be a very cruel breed of animal indeed.


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