Cable TV Companies Losing Customers To Hulu?

Cable TV Companies Losing Customers To Hulu?

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This week’s episode of The Reel Web is posted! I covered some of last week’s news and highlights from the online video world, as well as a tip for those of you who create online videos to know how to best use the first 15 seconds of your video.

As always, let us know what you think in the comments below! And I’d love to hear what you think regarding my question in this episode: What do you think will happen to cable companies in the next 5 years?

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This week on the Reel Web, we have a lot of content lined up for you guys, it’s going to be awesome. Including, we’re going to be talking about businesses, how you can best use online video to promote your brand, how we responded when Fox decided to delay some of their episodes from hitting Hulu. We’re also going to talk about some of the best websites you can go to for reviews on video cameras, a great tip for those of us who create online video and that is coming ahead so let’s do this thing.

Hey everyone, my name is Tim Schmoyer and welcome to this week’s episode of the Reel Web where we cover just news and ideas and tips and all that kind of stuff floating around the online world in the realm of online video. So we are going to review that for you, kind of condense it and give you a summary. This week starting with a keynote session that was delivered at the Video Commerce Summit. Andy Stack is a YouTube product manager and he gave some really good advice for businesses.

(Video playback) “Create content, not commercials, that brands and retailers should develop a content strategy, not necessarily an advertising strategy.” I think that is just phenomenal. Interruption advertising stuff in marketing is just really annoying to me. So instead of trying to interrupt what I’m watching, and kind of just put your brand, insert you know, wherever I’m watching, instead, make content that I want to watch.

Here’s a couple suggestions, instead of trying to make a video where your brand sells your brand to viewers, instead make a video that tells a story, that’s engaging, that people then take and sell your brand to their friends for you. A couple other tips he gave, use video to create a conversation with your viewers rather than just shouting a message at them.

And he also says make it interactive so people can like, engage with what you’re talking about. He also gives some examples of brands that have used their videos to inspire other people to create their own videos about their brand and spread the message even further. You definitely want to check that out, the link is below.

Last week, Google came out with a list of the top 1,000 websites and what’s really cool is YouTube is number two on the list. Facebook has around 870 million unique visitors every month and then YouTube is not surprisingly too far behind with 790 million unique visitors. And then there’s a pretty wide gap until you get to Yahoo which has about 590 million unique visitors every month. What’s impressive about this is that Facebook has a very broad audience of people who are wanting to connect with each other, status updates, pictures, videos, games, tons of stuff, but YouTube is a very narrow niche.

Personally, I’m not expecting to take over Facebook anytime soon but it is a good indicator that shows that YouTube is a viable platform that we need to be engaging in especially if you’re a company or a brand, you need to start putting your content and your information there. Not just on Google, not just on Facebook or wherever else, YouTube, that has become the place to be. And thus, here we are.

Fox recently made the decision to delay some of the episodes from their network hitting online sites like Hulu by eight days after the original air date. Apparently they were concerned that if they released the episodes too soon online that people would watch them there instead of going and watching it on TV. And since their whole business model is very broken and revolves around TV, they needed most of the views to go there.

But what seriously made me laugh out loud is that people didn’t wait until they came out on Hulu eight days later to watch it. Instead they went to bit torrents and just downloaded it illegally. Illegal downloads of Hell’s Kitchen increased by 114% in only a few days after the original air date and illegal downloads of Master Chef were up by 189%. We are not going to wait, apparently, for the networks to release video when they want it, we want it right after it comes out. The only difference is that at least if they put it on Hulu right away then at least we’re watching their ads and we’re watching it on their turf on their terms. So don’t wait eight days to release it.

This week’s creator tip for those of you guys who create online video come straight from YouTube’s official blog. Typically what we see on TV and on YouTube is that we use the first couple opening seconds of our videos to brand our channel or brand whatever our show is. But YouTube says instead to offer compelling content up front, do that first and then brand your channel later. They said first start off with something that will immediately grab your viewer’s attention. Whether it’s a flashy visual or something you say, grab their attention first.

Number two, make it very clear in those opening seconds what your video is about so they’re not confused as they watch it. Number three, tease the rest of the video in your opening so that your audience is intrigued and they stay with you through the whole thing. (Video playback) “How’s it going, I’m Toby Turner, I only drink out of jewel encrusted goblets so I’m really thirsty because I don’t have any jewel encrusted goblets. And this is cute, win, fail. The show where three different Styrofoam cups I salvaged from the garbage compete to become the most epic –”

A splashy intro may look really cool but YouTube says that is not the star of the video. You are or your content is so make that come first and make that the star that intrigues people to watch the whole thing. There’s a whole bunch of other stories and news you’re going to want to check out, I’ve linked them up for you in the description below this video on YouTube or if you’re watching at, they’re down there below as well, including a story about our cable companies losing people to online sites like Hulu and Netflix.

I haven’t had a Dish or a cable subscription in years. My wife and I have been watching all of our content online and I actually prefer it because one, it is a whole lot cheaper than the 50 some dollars I was paying before. It’s all on demand so I can watch it whenever I want and through Xbox Live, it’s all right there on my TV so I love it. Really the only downside is that sports fans can’t really get their football or hockey or baseball or whatever but I think that’s changing with the recent deal that ESPN has with Xbox Live is now they’re going to let you watch streaming sports events. And they’re even going to let you watch to games at once, side by side which is pretty cool, I’m excited to see what that looks like. Comment below and let me know what you think is going to happen to the cable companies in the next five years.

Another story I linked below is that the Google Plus button now finally lets you share content and video with your circles making that button actually semi useful now if you use Google Plus. If you’re in the market to buy a new camera and you’re trying to figure out the best place to find reviews on which product you want to buy, there’s a link below that reviews a lot of those different websites and the top ones ended up being,,, and

If you found this week’s episode of the Reel Web to be helpful and informative, please consider sharing it with your friends, there’s a link below where you can tweet it, also you can share it on Facebook, put it on your blog or Google Plus or wherever else you can share content. That would be awesome, we would really, really, really appreciate it.

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