The Nielsen Company Three Screen Report Shows Video Still On The Rise

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The Three Screens report from The Nielsen Company has shown once again that video watching has increased on television, Internet and mobile devices. According to the report the average American is watching more than 151 hours of television shows per month. Those who seek their video entertainment online are watching more than three hours per month while those on the go are watching almost four hours on mobile devices. Those Americans that prefer to watch what they want, when they want (timeshifted DVR content) on their television are nearly doubling mobile device and Internet video viewers with seven hours plus per month with young adults watching both about five hours a month.

Other notable facts from the report include:

  • Except for the teenage years, viewing of traditional television increases with age; the use of video on the Internet peaks among young adults while viewing mobile video is highest in the teen years.
  • Men continue to watch video on mobile phones more than women, and women continue to watch video on the Internet and television more than men.
  • The work day continues to be the prime time for Internet video. Weekdays outpace weekends for online video viewing with 65% of online video viewers streaming content between 9am – 5pm Monday through Friday, versus 51% of online video viewers logging on between 6am – 8pm on weekends.
  • Nielsen 4Q08 data shows that mobile video has grown, up to 11 million Americans, an increase of 9% versus the previous quarter. Much of this growth can be attributed to increased mobile content and the rise of the mobile web as a viewing option. In addition, the average monthly time spent viewing mobile video among reported mobile video users increased 2%, from 3:37 to 3:42 between 3Q 2008 and 4Q 2008.

The TV and Internet figures are calculated using Nielsen’s National TV and Internet panels which are measured electronically and reported on a regular basis. The Mobile phone figures are collected by Nielsen via a quarterly survey, and give a firsthand look at how early adopters report their usage of mobile video.

                                   Table 1
                     Monthly Time Spent in Hours:Minutes
                                 Per User 2+

                          4Q08     3Q08     4Q07   % Diff Yr   Absolute Diff
                                                      to Yr       Yr to Yr
                                                    (4Q08 to      (4Q08 to
                                                      4Q07)         4Q07)

    Watching TV
     in the home*       151:03   140:48   145:49      + 3.6%         5:13
     Timeshifted TV*      7:11     6:27     5:24     + 33.0%         1:47
    Using the
     Internet**          27:04    27:18    26:08     + 3.55%         0:56
    Watching Video
     on Internet**        2:53     2:31      n/a         n/a          n/a
    Mobile Subscribers
     Watching Video
     on a Mobile Phone^   3:42     3:37      n/a         n/a          n/a

Source: The Nielsen Company

                                    Table 2
                       Monthly Time Spent in Hours:Minutes
                                    4Q 2008

                                   K2-11       T12-17      A18-24      A25-34

    On Traditional  TV*           106:37       103:48      118:28      142:29
    Watching Timeshifted  TV*       5:11         4:24        5:01       10:50
    Using the Internet**            5:19        11:27       13:00       28:15
    Watching Video on Internet**    1:49         2:49        5:03        4:14
    Mobile  Subscribers            n/a^^       6:38^^        2:53        3:42
     Watching Video on a
     Mobile Phone^

                                  A35-44       A45-54      A55-64        A65+

    On Traditional  TV*           147:21       173:00      190:40      207:29
    Watching Timeshifted  TV*       9:44         8:31        7:54        3:58
    Using the Internet**           38:40        37:06       33:39       26:29
    Watching Video on Internet**    3:20         2:34        1:34        1:08
    Mobile  Subscribers
     Watching Video on a
     Mobile Phone^                  3:37         2:53        2:10       n/a##

Source: The Nielsen Company


# TV in the Home includes those viewing at least one minute within the measurement period. This includes Live viewing plus any playback within 7 day; Timeshifted TV is playback primarily on a DVR but including playback on services like Start Over as well as playback from a DVD recorder. Measurement period is based on a 3 month quarter.

* TV in the Home includes Live viewing plus any playback viewing within 7 days. Timeshifted TV is playback primarily on a DVR but including playback services like Start Over as well as playback from a DVD recorder. Measurement period is based on a 3 month quarter.

** Internet figures are from home and work. Hours:minutes for Internet and video use are based on the universe of persons who used the Internet/watched online video. All Internet figures are monthly averages over the course of the quarter. Online Video duration metrics are not comparable to previous measurement periods as a result of methodology change.

^ The average monthly unique users of mobile phones and mobile video in 4Q 2008 and 3Q 2008, based on Nielsen Mobile surveys and CTIA projection of U.S. wireless subscriptions. Video user projection, time spent and composition data based on survey analysis of past 30 day use during the period. The mobile video audience figures in this report for 4Q 2008 and 3Q 2008 now include mobile phone users who access mobile video through any means (including mobile Web), and are no longer limited to subscription-based mobile video. Projection of all subscribers is based on persons 2+. Projection of mobile video viewers, and all other mobile video estimates, based on subscribers 13+.

^^ Nielsen Mobile‘s survey reports mobile video usage for those users 13 and older. Thus, 12-17 is T13-17 for all mobile data.

## A65+ base size too small to report mobile video hours:minutes

The full “A2M2 Three Screen Report” is available at


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