Thanksgiving Videos You Can Use That Provide Food Tips, Fun, Hilarity

Thanksgiving Videos You Can Use That Provide Food Tips, Fun, Hilarity

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  As you should all know by now, any holiday can serve as a tent-pole event for videos.  And around this time, people will be searching for holiday recipes, or trying to learn a little something about Thanksgiving that they didn’t know before.  Anyone going to YouTube will not be left wanting.  There are scores of videos for food, pretty much any way you want to cook a turkey, or almost every specialty item, is covered.  The following list of videos is just a small sample of what you can find.  We’ve got the food.  We’ve got the humor.  We’ve even got…something unfortunate.

Thanksgiving Videos: The Food

Let’s start with Epic Meal Time’s 2012 Thanksgiving entry, “Thanksgiving Care Package,” in which the EMT guys serve one of their classics in a soup kitchen:

In past years, of course, EMT has prepared something amazingly over-the-top for Thanksgiving.  In 2010, it was the TurBaconEpic, in which the description of the video became a classic: A bird in a bird in a bird in a bird in a bird in a pig:

And in 2011, EMT did the impossible and topped their previous year’s entry with the Turbaconepicentipede:

As you probably can imagine, there are many videos about turkey.  Here’s how to thaw a turkey:

Here’s how to prepare and cook a turkey:

Here’s how to carve a turkey:

Here’s how to make a whole Thanksgiving dinner in an hour:

You think we’re done with food?  How about how to make a chocolate pecan pie?

Or a Thanksgiving punch?

Yeah, this is just a small sampling.  YouTube auto-generated a whole channel for Thanksgiving with 30 videos, and that still doesn’t scratch the surface.

Thanksgiving Laughs

You think your mom makes a great Thanksgiving dinner?  You haven’t argued with these guys yet (warning: some bad language):

A year ago, Nigahiga told us what ruins Thanksgiving:

Do you want to know how the first Thanksgiving happened?  Do you want to know…through the words of children, acted out by adults?

BuzzFeed tells us the perfect guide to holiday etiquette (may have some objectionable material for some):

Barely Political imagines what a Breaking Bad Thanksgiving might be like:

Things hipsters might say about Thanksgiving:

Things Scooter Magruder (#ThrowMeTheAlley) hates about Thanksgiving:

Thanksgiving Fashion/Tips

Believe it or not, there are ways to dress for Thanksgiving, or at least some suggestions.  Here’s Michelle Phan offering her advice:

StilaBabe09 also has some fashion tips:

Lots of stuff for women as far as fashion goes, but not much for men.

How to dress your table for the holiday:

Former New York Times food critic Sam Sifton offers his 6 rules for Thanksgiving:

The Oh No! Portion of Our Thanksgiving Videos, With Responses

Most of you are acquainted with Rebecca Black’s “Friday.”  Ark Music Factory and Patrice Wilson was behind that ridiculously viral, much-hated hit, and then recently they brought out this video from Nicole Westbrook which has hit 10 million views.  It’s “Friday” all over again, only “It’s Thanksgiving,” and yeah, it’s pretty awful:

As is the case with something like this on YouTube, the community has come out in force to comment on “It’s Thanksgiving.”  First, My Damn Channel’s “dailygrace” gives her take:

And Hitler, as he does, has made an announcement concerning the video (Lots and lots of bad language through subtitles here, so don’t click if you don’t wanna see naughty words):

Brock’s Dub has made a new dub out of the video:

I don’t know…maybe CGP Grey is wrong:


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