How-to Add Tags to Multiple YouTube Videos at Once [Tutorial]

How-to Add Tags to Multiple YouTube Videos at Once [Tutorial]

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YouTube’s bulk actions menu has been around for a couple of years now, and this feature remains one of the most useful tools on YouTube for creators and marketers alike, especially if you have a vast library of videos. There is a full array of options you can apply to many or even all of your videos at once. Since its launch, a number of features have changed so if something in the list below looks new, check it out and see if it will help streamline a process for you!

To get to the bulk actions menu, go into your ‘Creator Studio’ and then to your ‘Video Manager’. From there, click on any and all videos that you’d like to modify. Then, from the “More actions” menu click on the action you’d like to perform. (Keep in mind that if you are in an MCN they can enable/disable some of these features).

youtube video manager multiple tags

Tags You Can Add to Multiple YouTube Videos

Clicking on the ‘More Actions’ menu will open up a huge number of options and features for as many videos as you have selected. Here’s a quick overview of all of them:

Ad breaks

Clicking on this option allows you to enable or disable ‘Automatic mid-roll ads’ (if you are able to monetize your video content),

Ad formats

Allows you to edit the type of ads allowed if your videos. You can select any/all of ‘Overlay in-video ads’, ‘Skippable video ads’, ‘Non-skippable video ads’ or ‘Long non-skippable video ads’.

Block outside ownership

This option is either enabled or disabled. If it is enabled the video will only be live and with ads where the asset owner has indicated they have the ability to use the video. It would be invisible elsewhere.

Caption certification

If you have content that has aired on television and is governed by FCC rules for caption certification, this option will allow you to indicate to what degree your content has or has not been aired on television.

youtube tags caption certification


This allows you to choose the category that your video belongs in like ‘Comedy’, ‘Music’ or ‘People & Blogs’.


This feature is most useful if you have a reason to block comments across all of your content. It can be set to allow all comments, allow them with approval or not to allow them at all. Although, blocking YouTube comments isn’t something we recommend.


This is one of the more powerful features. It allows you to append, remove, or set the description of any video. This one would be particularly important If you have a new message to spread to all of your viewers like an upcoming tour or appearance. This information can them be appended to your description on any and all videos.

Domain Filters

If you’d like to block the ability for somebody to embed your videos, you can specifically approve or deny that ability through this feature. This would be particularly useful if you notice your content on a site that you’d rather not host it. You could then block that site’s ability to embed your video.


If this option is disabled, your videos cannot be embedded. If it is enabled, they can be embedded. This would work well in combination with the domain filtering to prevent your videos from being embedded, but then giving special approval to only the sites you’d like.


With this feature you can either indicate your videos have a standard license or a creative commons license, which will allow users to download and use your content for their own purposes.


This brings up a map to indicate the filming location of the video.


This is a great tool for setting a lot of videos public or private at once. You can set all selected videos to ‘Public’, ‘Unlisted’ or Private. If you were to change the direction of your channel, using this tool to private all of your old content would be a smart move in many cases.

Recording date

If it is important to your project, this feature will allow you to set the recording date for your selected videos.


You can select to syndicate your content ‘Everywhere’ or only on ‘Monetized platforms’ with this feature.


Like this description, this is an invaluable action tool for your videos. You can append, set or remove tags on a video. This would work great for a show or personality to add a standardized bit to your tags to help improve the related search results. A well tagged series can reinforce itself through search when common terms are used as tags..


If for some reason all of your videos need the same title (NOT something we recommend!), this will allow you to set a new one across all content selected or just append the ending. Once again this would be useful for a series of videos or the title of a show, which you could append to all of the previous titles to show some continuity between episodes and reinforce your brand.

Usage policy

This section will allow you to specify exactly which countries you’d like to block your content in. You can even block it in Antarctica.

User ratings

If you’d like to show or hide the total ratings of your video, you can do that here.

Video language

This allows you to select which of 167 languages you filmed your video in primarily.

Video statistics privacy

For this feature you can either show or hide your video statistics on the watch page. If you have a reason to hide your statistics, this is the place to do it. Why would you hide your statistics, like your subscriber numbers, from the outside world? It’s up to you, but here’s why that might not be such a great idea in the long run.

If you haven’t tried out some of these features before, go ahead and test them out now. The bulk action tool even works on a single video, so you can test the features out without messing up your entire library of content.

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