Video Syndication & Licensing Strategies – Digitalsmiths Interview

Video Syndication & Licensing Strategies – Digitalsmiths Interview

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Grant Crowell back from the adtech conference in San Francisco. I recently did a video interview with Ben Weinberger, CEO and Co-Founder of the digital video content publishing and indexing technology provider, Digitalsmiths. I talk with Ben about the panel he moderated, Digital Distribution Strategies: How to Drive Incremental Revenues through Syndication and Licensing, and the questions around syndicating and licensing professional video content online.

Q&A with DigitalSmiths’ Ben Weinberger

What does “syndication” mean when we talk about digital video content?

Ultimately, syndication is about taking one piece of video content and distributing it through a network or a ‘multi-point.” So, one to many.

Why should video content publishers and other video professionals care about syndication?

The old model, which is still the current mode online, is not really working. Its, “I’m just going to put it up and have only one place for people to come.” I think ultimately for the video content owner, you really need to get it in front of as many people as possible. You need to build your audience, manage your programming, and measure your audience.

What is your panel talking about?

One of the main things will be that there’s a lot of ways to syndicate. Each person on our panel comes with a different perspective on: how do you syndicate, where does your content go, how do you make money from it… I think a key takeaway is going to be that there’s a lot of things you have to do, and you need to be mindful of all of those things, no matter what your content type is.

What do you think the #1 mistake is with syndicating content today?

I think the #1 mistake is the notion of putting everything out in every place, and get it anytime, anywhere, however you want. Conceptually its great, but you’re actually diluting your audience, and diluting the value of your content. Ultimately your audience doesn’t understand how or where to get your content; as opposed to, here is where my content is going to go, here is when its going to be available, and inform your audience of that. Make sure they know how to get to it.

How does your company solve the needs associated with syndicating professional video content?

Digitalsmiths helps content owners and rights managers with syndicating and distribution by the core block and tackling of: how do you take this very valuable content, manage the asset itself, where it needs to go, and take all the rights into consideration, and make sure that its measured and tracked appropriately. The value we add on top of that, is that we index all of your content. We can tell you more about your content than you probably know yourself. And, we can help do things like drive search traffic, drive related and recommended content, targeted advertising… So, we build a lot of value into that core system.

How important is it to optimize your video content for search results?

I think if you don’t optimize your content for search results, your content won’t be found any other way.

Thanks again to Ben Weinberger for taking the time to speak with us at ReelSEO!

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