Why Super Bowl Advertisers Could Still Lose With a $4 Million Budget

Why Super Bowl Advertisers Could Still Lose With a $4 Million Budget

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I’m writing this open letter to the advertisers who’ve already agreed to spend upwards of $4 million for Super Bowl commercials. According to Advertising Age and the NYT, this includes: Anheuser-Busch InBev, GoDaddy, Hyundai Motor America, Intuit, Jaguar, PepsiCo, Dannon Oikos yogurt, Doritos, General Mills (Cheerios), General Motors (Chevrolet), Kia, Nestlé (Butterfinger), SodaStream, and Wonderful Pistachios.

If you’re going to be Super Bowl advertiser, your 30-second spots will be seen by more than 100 million people in the U.S. If you’re lucky, Super Bowl XLVIII on Feb. 2, 2014, could break the record for total number of U.S. viewers, which was set by Super Bowl XLVI in 2012. That game between the New York Giants and New England Patriots attracted an average U.S. audience of over 111 million, making it the most-viewed television broadcast of any kind in American history.

You’ve Bought The Slot, Now What?

But, if I were you, I wouldn’t bet my job on sheer luck. You’ve anted up $4 million to get into the game. And Fox Sports will also live stream the Super Bowl on its various digital platforms, including FoxSports.com. So, if you can buy Super Bowl ads, then you might as well go the whole hog. So, what should you do now? As Signor Ferrari (Sydney Greenstreet) says in Casablanca, “I am moved to make one more suggestion; why, I do not know, because it cannot possibly profit me.” Well, I am moved to make three key suggestions; why, I do not know, because they cannot possibly profit me.

React Labs: Focus Group Feedback In Real Time 

One of the first places you’ll want to go is React Labs. They’re based in Bethesda, MD. Ask for founder Philip Resnik, Ph.D. As professor and director of the Computational Linguistics and Information Processing Laboratory at the University of Maryland, Dr. Resnik specializes in computational approaches to social science. Knock politely and tell him one of his colleagues who teaches at Rutgers suggested that you “round up the usual suspects”.

Philip Resnik React LabsReact Labs offers a mobile application that allows a very large numbers of participants to register their moment-by-moment reactions to live and televised events, providing a highly engaging user experience and producing rich, detailed data for analysis. In February 2013, React Labs partnered with Frank N. Magid Associates, a leading consumer-media research firm, to take a comprehensive, real-time look at how consumers engage with the Super Bowl and advertising content associated with the big game. The research measured engagement, attitudinal reaction, and activation across all the commercials and the event itself.

“This real-time engagement gave us a terrific window into consumer engagement with the biggest television event of the year,” said Bill Day, Executive Director at Frank N. Magid Associates, in a press release. “Our panelists gave us great information about which ads they liked, and which ads made them want to engage with the brands.”

For example, the real-time results showed that consumers had the strongest response to the Budweiser Clydesdale ad — significantly outperforming everything else. The strong emotional connection, driven by a strong musical track, clearly drew in their respondents and brought them along. Despite that power, their respondents reported little to no intent to purchase while watching the spot. By contrast, some earlier “Budweiser Black” spots weren’t quite as compelling as entertainment, but they drove activation at four times the levels of the Clydesdale spot.

On the other hand, Subway’s blooper driven “Februhuh” spot missed the mark with consumers, eliciting high levels of “blah” and “dislike” reactions across their sample of nearly 400 consumers, ages 17 to 67 and from coast-to-coast, who participated throughout the game. Instead of holding focus groups, imagine using this real-time polling platform to capture viewer engagement with early version of your ads while simultaneously collecting temporally fine-grained, interpretable data about their responses. “React Labs harnesses the potential of mobile technology to tap into people’s immediate, unmediated responses to what they’re seeing and hearing,” said Resnik in the press release. “Our goal for this project was to build a platform that seamlessly integrated with how consumers watch and react to major media events like the Super Bowl.”

Unruly Social Video Lab: The Science Behind Viral video 

Next, you should book a tour of the Unruly Social Video Lab. Located at 41 West 25th Street, 4th floor, New York, NY 10010, the new lab enables advertisers to find out what makes a video ad go viral. Ask for Devra Prywes, Unruly’s VP Marketing and Insight. Devra has a degree in Cognitive Science, Learning Science, and Artificial Intelligence, is a regular blogger for the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA), and appears on Fox News to discuss breaking videos and viral trends. Tell her the moderator of her panel at ReelSEO’s Video Marketing Summit urged you to “round up the usual suspects”.

Devra Prywes of Unruly
Devra Prywes of Unruly

Unruly is the leading global platform for social video marketing and works with top brands and their agencies to predict the emotional impact of their videos and get them watched, tracked and shared across paid, owned and earned media. They use their proprietary technology to turn target audiences into engaged viewers and engaged viewers into customers and advocates.

Unruly’s end-to-end solution cracks the code on social video sharing. Brands can predict shareability with Unruly Labs, engage their audience across the Open Web with Unruly Activate and prove social ROI with Unruly Analytics, a cloud-based dashboard providing real-time competitive benchmarks across 2.7 million customizable data points.

In addition, the Unruly Viral Video Chart has tracked 365 billion video views since 2006. With an engaged audience of over a billion consumers, across the full range of mobile, tablet and second screen devices, Unruly has delivered, tracked and audited 3.5 billion video views across 3,000+ social video campaigns for over 400 brands including Volkswagen, Dove, Coca-Cola, T-Mobile, Microsoft, Warner Bros and adidas. They’ve worked with 60% of Interbrand’s Top 100 Best Global Brands and our mission is to deliver the most awesome social video advertising campaigns on the planet.

When you visit Unruly’s New York lab, you’ll be given a hands-on interactive journey through the science and history of online video sharing, plus a tour of current video trends. You can find out how your current social video footprint compares with your competitors, learn how to create shareable content, and determine which distribution strategy is required to achieve your campaign goals. You should pick up a copy of an Unruly White Paper, “The Science of Sharing”, which examines 12 television commercials from Super Bowl XLVII. And you will also be able to test the shareability of your Super Bowl campaign using Unruly ShareRank, an algorithm-based tool which predicts the number of shares a video will attract, before it is even launched, meeting the seemingly impossible desire to “predict viral success.”

Pixability: YouTube Marketing Strategies

One of the final places you should visit is Pixability. Their new offices are located at 123 North Washington Street, 2nd Floor, Boston, MA  02114. Ask for Rob Ciampa, EVP of Marketing. Rob works with major brands, agencies, media companies, celebrities, and entertainment artists with YouTube strategy, marketing, and advertising. Knock twice and tell him a contributor to ReelSEO told you to “round up the usual suspects”.

Rob Ciampa of Pixability
Rob Ciampa of Pixability

Pixability is a YouTube-certified marketing and advertising software company that works with brands, e-commerce firms, agencies, and innovative organizations to drive business and awareness with online video and YouTube. Using its powerful, proprietary, cloud-based video marketing software and online video and community analytics databases, Pixability’s certified and seasoned team of YouTube professionals has worked with more than 500 customers, 10,000 YouTube channels, and 2.5 million business and brand videos. For example, in less than four months in 2013, PUMA utilized Pixability’s YouTube software and services to:

  • Capture one million new views on YouTube – PUMA successfully engaged its target audience on YouTube and achieved one million new views (and 2.5 million unique impressions) through compelling celebrity content.
  • Drive 42,000 new visits to its website – PUMA’s YouTube campaign resulted in a sizeable jump in website traffic, leading potential customers directly to a page where they could purchase products, discover deals, and interact with the brand.
  • Outperform industry CTR benchmark by 500% – PUMA significantly outperformed the industry click-through rate benchmark with its YouTube campaign click-through rate.
  • Retain 71% of viewers with compelling celebrity content – PUMA engaged its core audience by connecting famous celebrity athletes directly with fans. Celebrities included Thierry Henry, Cesc Fabregas, Kun Aguero, Marco Reus, and products like PUMA evoSPEED. The brand achieved a 71% overall audience retention rate in the process, surpassing a 40% industry benchmark. Over 663,112 minutes of branded campaign video were watched by prospective customers during PUMA’s August to November 2013 YouTube campaign. 

Although Pixability’s Caffeine Software and services satisfy the requirements of most organizations for delivering world-class video marketing results, they also understand that you may have unique or additional video requirements. Don’t despair; they can help. Let’s just say they have a big data platform for insights, analysis, and brand success on YouTube that provides you with the “letters of transit” that you need to get where you want to go.


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