STR Skill School Is YouTube’s April On The Rise Winner, Here’s Why

STR Skill School Is YouTube’s April On The Rise Winner, Here’s Why

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The YouTube Blog announced that STR Skill School, a channel dedicated to showing soccer tips and tricks, is April’s winner for their On The Rise program.  The channel beat out Anaheim Ballet, Nurbexo’s beauty channel, and the Ultraslo channel where we see cool stuff in slo mo.  STR Skill School is based in the UK, where it’s the 37th most subscribed Guru channel of all time.  And it’s easy to see why: you get to see awesome soccer tricks being performed, along with a slo-mo tutorial to show you how it’s done.  And for soccer enthusiasts, well, that’s gold.

STR Skill School And Its Rise To The YouTube Radar

For the announcement, Steve Roberts of STR Skill School provides this video displaying a hodgepodge of skills:

Even with something as basic as showing soccer tips and tricks, there are signature moves that can be leveraged for views.  And on the world football stage, there are a few celebrities to cull signature moves from, and one is Cristiano Ronaldo, from which this channel has amassed some of its top viewed videos.  Here’s one:

I also like this aspect of the video, which is an underestimated aspect of video posting.  He provides written steps of what happens in the video underneath, which is good for search:

Learn soccer skill with STRskillSchool and learn how to do the Ronaldinho/Neymar Step over.

1. Put your foot on the ball and roll the ball across your body. You will need to let go and step around the ball.

2. take the ball with the outside of your other foot.

Tips. Push away with the foot you rolled the ball with. This will help you get away from the defensive player.
Slow into the skill and fast out of it.

Keep practicing

Soccer nuts should take a look at this new channel if they haven’t already.  There’s some really valuable information over there.


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