State of Video Advertising for Agencies [Infographic]

State of Video Advertising for Agencies [Infographic]

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Mixpo was kind enough to send over some pretty pictures for me to dazzle you with on this glorious Friday morning. They’re even chock full of useful information in regards to video advertising for agencies. Some interesting facts are highlighted in Mixpo’s State of Video Advertising for Agencies and I thought it would be a nice easy read on a Friday afternoon. I always like to get methodology when research comes across and Mixpo was more than accommodating in that regard.

In terms of methodology, we surveyed over 150 media buyers from agencies of all sizes to uncover the state of video advertising. This was part of a survey conducted in November 2013 to also understand media buyers’ perceptions around video ad quality…

The video ad quality report I will cover next week in some fashion. Not knowing how many media buyers there are across all agencies in the U.S. puts us at a disadvantage in regards to margin of error and all that but still, it’s worth a look. state of video advertising for agencies from MixpoThe first part of the infographic (which I’ve removed because it was extremely long) talks about some comScore Video Metrix numbers. They are pretty close to the December 2013 numbers aside from the video “views” from comScore for December was over 52 Billion and I think it was 189 million U.S. people watching video. Still, it’s not all that major of a change and we have all seen those numbers so I removed them for the sake of brevity and formatting.

Out of the 150 media buyers Mixpo surveyed, the vast majority stated that they managed or supported an online video advertising campaign last year. That’s pretty good. However, it might be slightly skewed if those media buyers were pulled from a pool of Mixpo clients because, as you might have already guessed or known, Mixpo offers multi-screen video ad technology. It would clearly skew that number upwards in regard to the entirety of media buyers. But even a 10% difference puts it at around eight in ten.

For the first half of 2014 things are looking rather rosy as well in regards to upcoming online video advertising campaigns with a greater majority saying they plan on creating, managing or supporting such a campaign. If we again applied a 10% skew to the data that would push it down to around, yep, eight in ten.

So it seems that if these numbers did skew higher because of the pool of media buyers they pulled from for the survey, it’s still a somewhat safe bet that at least 75% of media buyers are looking at starting, working on or controlling an online video advertising campaign and that’s a pretty good number all around.

One would be hard pressed these days to think of a major brand that does not do any form of digital advertising. Granted that may be slightly easier in regards to digital video advertising but even then I would have to think long and hard about a brand that isn’t pushing video online somewhere for advertising and marketing.

Still, it’s good to see the numbers are that high and the survey results reinforce what we all know, video advertising is big business.


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