State of Online Video Q1 2017: The Latest Trends [Webinar Playback]

State of Online Video Q1 2017: The Latest Trends [Webinar Playback]

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The evolution of online video continues, so choosing the right strategy for your video publishing, distribution, and marketing campaigns has never been more critical. But how do you determine the right strategies for your brand, and what data do you need at your fingertips to make those decisions?

Keep Up-to-date With Online Video Trends

There were 7.2 Trillion cross-platform video views between March 2016, and March 2017, and data-driven video content is becoming the cornerstone of digital marketing campaigns. Media companies, brands, and publishers can keep up with the latest insights, trends, and new data by joining our free webinar to get the latest stats for online video from our new Quarterly State of Online Video Report.

This quarter our report not only focuses in on the latest critical trends, but also highlights social video in the luxury market. We will also bring you insights on sponsored video in news, politics and sports genres on Facebook, as well as a look at the E3 gaming bump on YouTube, the globalization of European YouTube audience and the rise of YouTube live. The webinar will highlight the following:

  • The impact of E3 on YouTube gaming
  • Luxury brands’ unique social performance relative to other industries
  • Early adopters of sponsored video: sports leagues and local news
  • How brands are using YouTube live
  • Why you should build for a cohesive European audience

Meet the Presenters:

Allison Stern:  Allison is Tubular’s Co-Founder and CMO. Before Tubular, Allison worked at YouTube, with the sales operations, product marketing, and business development teams. Throughout her career, Allison has helped media companies, including 20th Century Fox and AOL, develop compelling online experiences and increase user engagement.



Lindsay Lamont: Lindsay is the Enterprise Solutions Engagement Manager at Tubular Labs. Based in our New York city office, Stanford graduate Lindsay is passionate about discovering trends and insights in the online video ecosystem.

Webinar: The State of Online Video 2017

The exclusive State of Online Video Q1 2017 gives unprecedented insights into what’s happening on the major video platforms. Just fill out the form below to access the webinar.


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