State of Online Video Q2 2017: Get The Latest Insights and Trends

State of Online Video Q2 2017: Get The Latest Insights and Trends

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The world of online video is so fast-paced, publishers, brands, and other stakeholders need vital data on-hand just to keep on top of the many developments and trends in the industry today. Choosing the right strategy for your video publishing, distribution, and marketing campaigns has never been more critical – but how do you determine the right strategies for your brand, and what insights do you need at your fingertips to make those decisions?

Data-driven video content is becoming a vital cornerstone of digital marketing campaigns. Media companies, brands, and publishers can keep up with the latest insights, trends, and new data by downloading our new quarterly ‘State of Online Video Report for Q2 2017’, and watching our free webinar playback to get the latest stats for online video.

Download the State of Online Video Q2 2017 Report Now

Tubular’s State of Online Video Report: Q2 2017

For Q2 2017, our exclusive report not only focuses in on the latest critical trends, but also highlights how media companies are tackling social video across the main platforms. For instance, our research shows that US media companies are investing resources in creating and distributing longer content, both on YouTube and on Facebook. On average, YouTube videos uploaded by media companies are 2.5x the length of Facebook videos uploaded, which suggests that these companies have been testing and reiterating to find what format works best on the different platforms.

Our research also discovered that, globally, 76% of views generated for media companies revolved around the film and TV vertical.

US Media Companies and Long-form Content on YouTube and Facebook (Data from Tubular’s State of Online Video Q2 2017)

Replay the ‘State of Online Video’ webinar for more insights from the world of online-video in Q2 2017. We’ll bring you the latest trends on sponsored video, global video trends, and the social video ecosystem. The webinar will highlight the following:

  • Current global video trends
  • How sponsored video is growing, and who are the main players
  • How sponsored video differs cross-platform
  • How media companies are using YouTube and Facebook
  • What online video success looks like

Keep Up-to-date With Online Video Trends

Meet the Webinar Presenters:

Allison Stern:  Allison is Tubular’s Co-Founder and CMO. Before Tubular, Allison worked at YouTube, with the sales operations, product marketing, and business development teams. Throughout her career, Allison has helped media companies, including 20th Century Fox and AOL, develop compelling online experiences and increase user engagement.

Lindsay Lamont: Lindsay is the Enterprise Solutions Engagement Manager at Tubular Labs. Based in our New York city office, Stanford graduate Lindsay is passionate about discovering trends and insights in the online video ecosystem.

The State of Online Video Q2 2017

View the ‘State of Online Video Q2 2017’ report and watch the webinar playback now! Both give unprecedented insights into what’s happening with branded, and sponsored content, and you can access the full deck plus get access to this exclusive webinar right now by filling in the form below:


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