Viral Video Nostradamus – Star Wars, Prom Dresses and Golf Gods

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This is the second installment in a series of posts where I try and predict what videos might soon go viral—a sort of companion piece to the weekly Viral Round Up, where we reverse-engineer viral success stories to see what made them work.  You can see the first one here.  In Viral Nostradamus, we’re starting at the other end, and looking at videos that have the characteristics of those that often go viral.

I’m doing my best to not make obvious and easy picks by choosing ones that are already halfway to a million views– All of my picks this week are less than 2 days old, and they all have less than 50,000 views:

Star Wars Uncut

Viral Ingredients: fan-made version of cult phenomenon Star Wars (we covered this project last fall), crowd-sourcing

Uploaded: about 1.5 days ago (April 11)

Current View Total: 16,481

Iowa Teen Makes Prom Dress From Gum Wrappers

Viral Ingredients: talented teens, creativity, “the unexpected,” obvious amounts of effort behind the project featured

Uploaded: yesterday (April 12)

Current View Total: 1,686

Golf Gods vs Phil Mickleson

Viral Ingredients: current event topic (The Masters golf tournament), unexpected outcome, “acts of God”

Uploaded: about 2 days ago (April 11)

Current View Total: 45,685

How Did I Do With Last Week’s Predictions?

Here’s where the videos I picked last week stand now:

iPad Destruction
View count upon prediction: 103,701
View count today: 1,572,580
Prediction outcome: correct

iPad Magic
View count upon prediction: 65,509
View count today: 125,379
Prediction outcome: mildly correct, mostly incorrect

Tay Zonday’s “Traffic Machine”
View count upon prediction: 67,087
View count today: 126,121
Prediction outcome: mildly correct, mostly incorrect

So I am 1-for-3, essentially.  Let’s see if I can’t improve my track record with this week’s predictions.


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