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spot-runner-logoOriginally focused on providing affordable, high-quality television advertising solutions for local businesses, Spot Runner has quickly risen to become a comprehensive cross-media advertising solutions provider. They are currently the only company that I am aware of which provides a fully integrated advertising solution that includes video production, media planning and media buying services across multiple media types.

The company has already raised a healthy $111 Million dollars to-date, including a recent $51M Series C in May of this year for overseas expansion. Early this year, Spot Runner added Weblistic and GlobeShooter to the mix. They now offer comprehensive advertising solutions for local, regional and national businesses; and their proprietary system extends to Web, radio, television and more.

ReelSEO columnist, Christophor Rick, recently spoke with Spot Runner’s Keith Wiley, Senior Manager of Corporate Communications, in order to gain some insight into their strategy as well as their plans for the future.

Weblistic Opens New Channels for Spot Runner

weblistic-logoEarlier this year, SpotRunner acquired Weblistic, a leading online marketing company focused on providing comprehensive local search engine marketing (SEM) services to small and medium sized businesses (SMBs). Weblistic was one of the fist SEM companies to embrace online video and provide an online video marketing solution for SMBs.

With the acquisition, Spot Runner instantly added a strong online advertising solution to complement their already strong offline offerings. Now they offer a full range of online advertising options including, but not limited to paid search marketing, S.E.O. services, online video marketing, and local search directory placement services.

Keith stated that advertisers can now leverage content in multiple media not only for the cost savings it provides but also to ensure an integrated, coherent campaign with similar themes and messages.

“It’s important for advertisers to be able to leverage content in multiple media not only for the cost savings it provides but also to ensure an integrated, coherent campaign with similar themes and messages. However, it’s also important that advertisers don’t, for example, just post their 30-second television spot on the Web and expect it to be successful. Different media channels require different approaches and Spot Runner can advise clients the best approach for each”

GlobeShooter Becomes Spot Runner Production Network

globeshooter-logoAlso this year, Spot Runner acquired GlobeShooter, a worldwide network of video creators, giving them an army of local filmmakers and videographers around the world.

Spot Runner now has a fully-integrated advertising service platform; from concept, design and creation of the content all the way through planning, placement and tracking of advertising – across both online and offline media channels.

“The Spot Runner Production Network greatly expands our ability to provide highly customized ads for both TV and the Internet, not only directly to businesses that want to leverage it for their own needs, but also for national partners that have local affiliates that can benefit from video (e.g., franchises, IYPs and social IYPs, resellers, media and content owners, etc.).

With the Production Network, we can quickly deploy a local filmmaker to capture on-site video footage of our clients’ businesses—such as customer testimonials, employees at work, product demonstrations, images of their storefronts and local landmarks.”

For filmmakers and videographers who are members of the Spot Runner Production Network, benefits include opportunities to build their portfolio and grow their business by having access to Spot Runner’s clients, which include thousands of small to large national brands; create innovative work with Spot Runner’s in-house team of award-winning producers, editors, writers and directors; and the ability market themselves as members of the Spot Runner Production Network.

Spot Runner On New Technologies

Adobe recently announced speech-to-text would be included in the upcoming versions of the video authoring software allowing for better indexing. Keith stated that while they are always looking into new technologies, their focus is on producing high-quality content, as the underlying content of a video is what drives its effectiveness.

“We have been focusing on the delivery of content-rich videos appropriate for the various media channels; each has its own unique parameters and aesthetics. The combination of great content, effective distribution and reporting are key ingredients to client success with on-line video. Of course, optimization is another key ingredient and we welcome new technologies that help for users discover great content when they’re searching for it online.”

Spot Runner on Video Ad Guidelines

The IAB put out their video ad guidelines earlier in the year but there has been minimal apparent industry movement to widely adopt them. Spot Runner is now a major player in cross-channel advertising including online and believes that the guidelines are a good start and have allowed for a clarification of what can be expected by advertisers.

“IAB standards have helped create clear expectations, which reduce advertiser confusion and aid adoption. We think that’s a good thing for the industry and we will follow the standards set for ad units. We’ll continue to evolve our online video products for VSEO/VSEM as rules and technologies evolve and may not fall neatly into these standards.”


Spot Runner states that their mission is to develop the next generation of advertising services and to revolutionize the market as well as the entire process. We think they are well on their way to doing just that.


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